Teddy Killerz – Vibe EP [Eatbrain]

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Teddy Killerz – Vibe EP [Eatbrain]

So this week I’m going over the infamous Teddy Killerz and their new EP out on Eatbrain, Vibe.  They bring that dark feel they are known for but one thing did catch my eye as I was downloading these on Beatport, 3 of the 4 tracks are listed as drum and bass but the last track and title to the EP, Vibe, is listed as “Electronica / Downtempo”.  Let’s go through them and see what’s up with this Eatbrain Teddy Killerz EP.

Push the Dubs, slow but steady build up right into a low point, not a drop, it builds again and then comes to a drop.  Loads of changes throughout the track, bassy and a slight vocal from time to time. It’s OK. This track would work as a nice filler track mid set.

Let’s talk about Be Afraid.  This track in my opinion has this half timey thing going on with a slight neuro bassline. It has this vocal sample that at the drop to be honest, I felt kinda took away from it.  If you’re gonna use the phrases they did on that build up I feel it should drop harder, it should be fa filthy drop but sadly it was not. Maybe someone can give it the remix it deserves.

Bassline, the 3rd track of this EP is a bit better.  The bassline is nice and deep, knocks hard and it dropped the best out of the 4 tracks. It picks up pace throughout but then goes back to what I feel is that half timey thing they got going on throughout the release. 

Now let’s talk about Vibe, the title track of the EP, it jumps right into vocals from who knows cause it’s not listed (most likely one of them). I can see why Beatport didn’t mark this as a DnB track as it did the other 3.  It is very downtempo. Bassline is very rhythmic. It kinda reminds me almost of a garage track. I feel the track starts and ends abruptly.

So, to be honest, I am not impressed with this EP.  I feel all the tracks are just missing something, I can’t put my finger on what, but something is missing. I wonder if we will see some other Eatbrain artists give this whole EP a remix. I feel this whole EP is filler tracks at best.  Give it a listen and comment, we would love to hear what you think about it!


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