Temulent – DeathPeddler [Nervosa]

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Tunes

In a modern global online plugged in 24 hours a day and everyone feels the need to chime in on things environment of modern drum and bass, it can be hard to wade through most of the disposable music that is out there. Now more than ever, everyone owns a label and has turned into professional spammers to try to make their mark. Over polished mediocre recycled sounds being passed of as the next big thing as opposed to music with a vision or an individual take. It can be hard to see how people get overwhelmed or disillusioned and lose sight of why they even got involved in this music in the first place. Enter Nervosa. In the words of Judson Snell aka Temulent, the platform’s overlord, “The whole point of doing Nervosa was to create a near-instant pipeline from farm to table. Now everyone can be a shit-hot dj with sameday dub delivery for a very modest sum. You’re welcome.” Based on the first three offerings (the third one drops Friday July 29th) I would say so far, so good.

The second offering comes from the minds of Temulent himself with guest vocals from Sloe Pink. If you are familiar with the sounds of Temulent you will not be surprised to find this on is a crispy stepper with a dirty synth bass that makes your skin itch in the best possible way. The bars laid down paint a picture of a dystopian truth that many people sadly seem to find themes selves in and no road map to get out of. It reminds us that if we are not careful we will find ourselves in the grip of the fearmongers of todays world. The Death Peddlers. If you like your drum and bass with a bite and not full of fluff, make it a habit to keep an eye on Nervosa.

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