Temulent vs SignalFista – Blood Of Innocents [Abducted Ltd]

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Tunes

When I got word from my old friend Judson Snell aka Temulent, that he was going to be working on some music with the likes of SignalFister, I was pretty sure that there was going to be some serious heaviness to be brought forth. What we got was Blood Of Innocents. This is a serious heavy stepper that is part of the new compilation “Next Gen Volume 2” that serves as a celebratory release for Abducted Ltd’s 2 year anniversary. It features music from some of the labels favorites producers that continue to push creative and sonic boundaries of drum and bass.

“Blood of Innocents” rolls out hard as nails. A snappy stepper break leads up to a trademark Temulent breakdown full of brown acid mid bass stabs and a dark dialog sample about “Whats blood for, if not for shedding” then it launches into a nasty stepper that is going to work out any dance floor that it gets dropped on. A steady pulsing bass line moving and bending behind that break with precision and purpose ready to take anyone it comes across.

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