TEN banging Neurofunk tracks you NEED in your library NOW!


Summer is winding down and it’s been a whirlwind of releases across every label in drum and bass so here’s a rundown of TEN killer neurofunk tracks that might have been overlooked. Snatch up these filthy bangers to bring out the most brutal vibes in your sets.

In Order of Release:

Burr Oak “Time Has Come” [Trendkill Records]
A long cinematic build gives little indication of the carnage about to ensue. Once the snares kick in it’s too late to turn back the “Time Has Come” at the drop with quick kicks and crazy, heavy basslines that give midway to the break switching the tone as the tune breathes making this a really great selection to play around with in the mix.
“Time Has Come” on Beatport

Pythius & June Miller “Akkord” (Redpill Remix) [Blackout Music NL]
Part of ‘Descend Remixes Part 2’ this is one of the maddest of the bunch harboring a suspenseful build that plays on the keys and effects as it rolls to the drop. Following in the footsteps of the original this is a very technical tune but the Redpill touch is obvious with an extra dose of devious drums and enhanced basslines. This is a must have sure to shake up the dance floor.
“Akkord” (Redpill Remix) on Beatport

Task Horizon “Thought Crime” [Trendkill Records]
“Thought Crime” creeps in eerily upon an extended build heightening the intensity as it plays along to the savage drop that waits. Hard kicks, quick breaks and extraterrestrial effects accent the beefy bassline as it climbs and sinks to slingshot the crowd into motion. If you’re after a brutal beat down “Thought Crime” is a solid selection.
“Thought Crime” on Beatport

ChaseR “Wicked” [Neuropunk Records]
A seemingly mellow intro leaves the spotlight on the monster drop coming in with extra force “Wicked” is banging and brutal, extra thick and heavy. Quick beats with tight drum rolls carry the vibe throughout the tune over deep neuro basslines that slap this way and that. “Wicked” is as sinister as the title suggests and we’re ready to hear more from ChaseR!
“Wicked” on Beatport

Fatloaf “Let Me Touch” [Neuropunk Records]
A playfully funky intro is a huge attention grabber and swings the mood high. “Let Me Touch” drops like a freight train! Energetic and grimy it jumps and bounces with the filthiest basslines . This one is sure to make the crowd lose their minds “Let Me Touch” is the epitome of insanity and power.
“Let Me Touch” on Beatport

Nuklear & Teddy Killerz “Badder” [Eatbrain]
Part of the ‘Sanity Trip EP’ “Badder” is just all around a savage track. A slight hint of a reggae vibe on the vocal in the intro is quite deceiving as it drops in true Teddy Killerz fashion. Hefty bass, badass breaks and synchronously placed vocal plays keep this one buzzing along. A great selection to kick a set into high gear it’s rough and tough in your face drum and bass!
“Badder” on Beatport

Manta “Little Things” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
A slight vocal play on the intro leads way to utter brutality at the drop. Interesting drum patterns adorn super heavy basslines until “Little Things” just about flips 180 allowing the track to breathe over a smooth, halftime, broken beat. There’s a lot of variety in this track and it’s fun to get in the mix. A phat track that will add a bit of spice to your playlist “Little Things” is worth the free download and then some!

Mean Teeth “Erosion” [C4C Recordings]
Part of ‘Bring Back the Funk Part 3’ “Erosion” is big and bad it’s just the right tune to smash the dance to bits. Warped vocal effects enter the somber build growing with intensity until the drop smashes heavy like a hurricane. Thick, warped basslines travel under hard kicks and slight vocals effects; this is a stomper for sure!
“Erosion” on Beatport

Erb N Dub & Disaszt “Stop” (Smooth Remix) [Mainframe Recordings]
Smooth brings us a robust remix of “Stop” giving it an extra dose of power on every avenue. Familiarity in the intro is evident but the Smooth remix is just all around bigger and badder in every way. A funkier, more intricate beat adds freshness, there’s crazier FX and a beefier bassline. Overall a lot going on while staying true to the integrity of the original tune making Smooth’s remix of “Stop” a necessity for the heaviest set.
“Stop” (Smooth Remix) on Beatport

Tobax “Blur Effect” [C4C Recordings]
Part of ‘Blur Effect EP’ that just dropped this week “Blur Effect” is my personal top pick from this release. A melodic intro turned evil and moody enhances the darkness to the drop. A slight delay catches the moment as the snare blaze in to control the driving force. Hard and heavy the beat slams over a dirty bassline until it morphs into a mutant entity heaving back and forth to move the crowd in furious fashion. This is a longer composition with a good variety in change-ups to keep it interesting and fun to mix. Grab the entire ‘Blur Effect EP’ but unquestionably this track is a must own!
“Blur Effect” on Beatport


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