Ten Hot Vocal Tracks to Warm Up Your Springtime Sets


Getting closer to the halfway point we must say 2019 has been a stellar year for drum and bass so far. With the days getting longer and weather warming up summer is on everyone’s minds. Here are ten tasty vocal tracks that still pack a big punch to sweeten up your sets as we wait for the festival season to begin.

Dimension – ‘Devotion’ Featuring Cameron Hayes [Dimension (WMG)]

The latest sultry single climbing the drum and bass charts comes from none other than Dimension. Well known for his complex, upbeat vocal tracks the latest addition to the collection is sure to set the dance floor in motion. Cameron Hayes provides the artistry behind the lyrics on “Devotion”; a heartwarming plea for love and sacrifice. Her voice dances across synths and snares as this tune builds to drop into a classic Dimension dance floor anthem. The beat is bouncy and uplifting; the lyrics whisk us away to another world and will bring life to the party.

Buy/Stream: Dimension “Devotion”

Wilkinson – ‘All for You’ Featuring Karen Harding [RAM Redcords]

The long awaited single “All for You” from Wilkinson has finally arrived. Sneaking into select live sets for the last few years this track is already a rave sensation and now taking over airwaves just in time for the temps to rise. Lyrically Karen Harding lends her vocal mastery in this powerful love ballad filled with emotion to connect with listeners on many levels and though the words scream sadness this composition keeps the energy levels high in the dance after the drop. Wilkinson has creatively enhanced the tune for extra radio play; you’ll be hearing a lot of “All for You” in sizzling summer sets!

Buy/Stream: Wilkinson “All For You”

Kings of the Rollers – ‘The Sky is Falling’ Featuring Lydia Plain [Hospital Records]

The self titled EP from Kings of the Rollers was packed with deep, rolling, bassy goodness (read the full review here) and the spine tingling vocals on “The Sky is Falling” with Lydia Plain is worth a second look. A perfect pair her voice flows passionately as the bass rolls over in waves as sinister as can be. A ray of light in a deep, bassy set this tune will lend a perfect vibe.

Buy/Stream: Kings of The Rollers Debut Album

Exile – ‘Nothing’s Changed’ Featuring Kat Howell [Technique Recordings]

From the ‘Mental EP’ I’m still stuck on Kat Howell’s voice and how beautifully is blends with this deep, dark roller from Exile. You can read the review of the full EP here) but don’t let this vocal sensation slip through the cracks. Dark and moody it’s a great selection for a rolling set.

Buy/Stream: Exile ‘Mental EP’

Evol Intent – ‘The Ladies’ Des McMahon Remix [Free Download]

New take from Des McMahon on “The Ladies” by Evol Intent and who doesn’t love a free download? This classic is back with a new twist and listeners keep running back for more. With just enough vocal to keep them singing along it’s still so heavy it slides perfect into a banging neuro set, a great blend for a powerful mix.

Free Download: Evol Intent “The Ladies” (Des McMahon Remix)

Joanna Syze & Barbarix – ‘The Broken’ [Othercide Records]

Joanna Syze’s ‘Surrender LP’ turned a lot of heads and quickly topped charts when it dropped earlier this year. Packed with 17 tracks “The Broken” with Barbarix is a personal favorite but this album is seriously full of some absolutely amazing drum and bass vocal tracks that smash dance floors with all their might. Joanna’s narratives flow smooth as silk over heavy, fast, filthy, neuro beats bringing the best of both worlds; dreamy but dangerous! The entire LP is a vocal fantasy with just the right lyrics to fit the mood for your set. “The Broken” is a beautiful duet with vocals harmonizing perfectly to the drop.  Hold on tight because this is some kick you in the face heavy drum and bass, such a contrast to the sweet, soothing sound of her voice. This song sings a dark tale as much of the album is deeper than the surface. This is soul searching music that will resonate with the dance floor and ingrain memories of that life changing experience.

Buy/Stream: Joanna Syze ‘Surrender LP’

Theatrix – ‘With Me’ (Kronology Remix) [Divination Recordings]

Franny B lays down the vocal in ‘With Me’; viciously remixed by Kronology this track from Theatrix is full of fire. Sweet and seductive it bounces in to lighten the mood with a playful verse before it drops full force. Breaking and bending every which way with smashing snares and heavy neuro basslines this remix will do some serious damage to the dance floor.

Buy/Stream: Theatrix “With Me” (Kronology Remix)

Smooth – ‘Forever’ [Technique Recordings]

The first teaser is here from the Technique Summer Sampler and 2019 is extra hot in that camp. Ok so maybe “Forever” is not exactly a vocal driven track but has summer vibes written all over it and enough vocal influence to make the list. Smooth orchestrates a beautiful composition that flows flawlessly beginning to end. Intelligent use of piano and percussion, smart snares and a light rolling bassline under an airy ‘oooh yea’ sample spark the fire in this elegant summer tune. ‘Forever’ is a prime selection for a lighter mood to brighten the mix.

Buy/Stream: Smooth “Forever”

Friction – ‘Forever Dub’ Featuring Kiko Bun (Kanine Remix) [Elevate Records]

Kanine brings some big, bad basslines with his remix to Friction’s “Forever Dub” featuring Kiko Bun. The ragga jungle vocal and vibe carries strong through the intro complimentary to the original mix when suddenly it’s mashed into a rip roaring monster of mutant bass at the drop in true Kanine fashion. This one will bring the vibes and pull some serious faces on the floor.

Buy/Stream: Friction “Forever Dub” Feat. Kiko Bun (Kanine Remix)

Culture Shock ‘Take Control’ [RAM Records]

Culture Shock kicked off 2019 with ‘Take Control’ a soulful vocal track that cuts like a knife. Nearly halfway through the year it’s still revving up the dance floors and getting some serious airplay; the vocal is forceful and direct and the tune drops just as fierce. Smashing basslines and energetic rhythms will supercharge the mix; a great selection to boost the bounce.

Buy/Stream: Culture Shock “Take Control”




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