Ten Stellar Vocal Selections to Smash Your Sets


“Last Forever” – Drumsound and BasslineSmith [Technique Recordings]

Celebrating the 200th release on Technique Recordings Drumsound and BasslineSmith have delivered a ballad of epic proportions to make this a milestone to remember. Intricately atmospheric on the intro a soft vocal plays upon the keys and pads wrapping the dance floor in warm wave of euphoria as the kicks pound with intent to the drop. A monster bassline attacks in deep, rolling fashion with an upbeat rhythm to maintain the dance floor vibe. Drumsound and BasslineSmith’s “Last Forever” is a timeless track that showcases the immense talent from the driving force behind Technique Recordings once again and is an essential track for any set.

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“Wake Up” – Monika [Soulvent Records]

From the Rocket Sprocket EP “Wake Up” kicks in with a solid, technical rhythm that carries a soft vocal building a heavy melancholy mood. A big breath breaks in before the drop which is ultra smooth with a deep, dark bassline as the beat returns to the tune. The vocal carries amidst the precise drumline and deep bass which creates quite a captivating tune. Be sure to check out the title track on the EP as well, equally impressive this release shouldn’t be overlooked from Monika on Soulvent Records.

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“Your Love” – Friction & Kanine [Elevate Records]

Soft synths and pads build the intro with the slightest feminine vocal technically not a full verse but definitely enough there to enhance the mix and add to the mood. The feelings build stronger as the drums kick harder rolling straight to a powerhouse of a drop. A shocking delay flips the intensity into high gear as the bass jumps and the snares pound in fury as a hint of vocal carries through. The uniquely polished styles of Friction and Kanine are evident as we witness a conglomeration of many sub genre sounds to create a new aged track to push drum and bass to new territories. “Your Love” will crank the energy levels in the mix and throw the crowd into serious motion.

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“Change Your Mind” Feat. Dakota Sixx (A-13 Remix) – Affiliate [Saucy Records]

A somber, mysterious build on the intro peaks interest from the start with a smooth, tender flow. An intense verse kicks in with passion from Dakota Sixx over a deep blast of bass extending to and fro. Echoing with power to the drop the drums kick in playfully upon the keys. A deep dark bassline twists, bends and rolls amidst a heavy jungle influence on the beat. The vibe on the vocal is strong without overpowering the track making “Change Your Mind” a selection to connect with the crowd and ultimately enhance their experience in the dance.

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“Feels the Same” Feat. Obi Franky & “Our Way” Feat. Florence Rawlings – Terror [Soulvent Records]

An alluring pair of polished vocal ballads come from Terror on Soulvent Records. “Feels the Same” eases in on a smooth, steady intro as the beat kicks and plays upon the keys building over an emotional verse until the chorus takes over and floats to the drop. A smooth bassline is the perfect accompaniment to the precision in the drums on “Feels the Same”. “Our Way” is equally impressive kicking off with a livelier intro complete with charming vocals that spread warm, positive vibes. Steady snares keep the vibe high as the bass rolls deeply beneath heavy vocal accompaniments. Both tracks offered an instrumental version but the vocals are so stunning it’s impossible to skip over these two tracks for the ultimate uplift in your sets.

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“Higher VIP” Featuring Doktor P – DC Breaks & Loadstar [Bassrush Records]

A reggae jungle influence is evident as Doktor P’s cunning hook kicks off the “Higher VIP”; upbeat and slightly deceptive of what’s to come. Suddenly electrifying basslines scream fiercely beneath exhilarating kicks that amp the energy higher and higher to the mighty, earth shattering drop. Nothing less than we’d expect from the powerhouse combination of DC Breaks and Loadstar on one tune the “Higher VIP” is enhanced big time more upbeat with bigger bass it’s a massive track with impressive structure in a drum and bass tune to really enhance the vocal merging the moods. “Higher VIP” is a sure pick to energize the dance floor and leave them wanting more.

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“I Need You” (Vital Elements Remix) – Veak [Original Key Records]

From the Kingston Town Remix EP Vital Elements’ remix of “I Need You” is a must own. A clean 2 step beat on the intro leaves room for the vocal to take control, though minimal it’s full of power to drive the mood of the set to the darker side of drum and bass. Low and Deep on the drop “I Need You” is a wobbly roller full of passion complete with stimulating FX and genuine power in the overall composition. A clean yet interesting tune in the mix “I Need You” is not to be missed!

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“Tell Me” – Peshay & Sense [Peshay Music]

“Tell Me” comes from the ‘Underground Volume 1’ release on Peshay Music. Heavy amens on the extended intro enhance the vocal, soft and desperate, pleading to the drop. Enthralling, deep basslines stretch and dive beneath the furious amen breaks as the airy vocal floats along. Peshay & Sense have come together to create a very soulful tune that is perfectly orchestrated in all elements creating a classic ballad that will hold a place in libraries for years to come.

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“Hurt Nobody” – Replicant [Digital Terror Records]

From the mighty ‘Death Call’ EP Replicant brings us “Hurt Nobody” surprisingly light on the intro with a quick verse blending into the drop. The verse harbors a challenge of sorts to get people on the floor to dance. The vocal is blustery and fresh over low growling basslines, grungy horns and a slick halftime beat. Eccentric effects add color to this composition and as the vocal suggests “Hurt Nobody” will make the crowd move and sweat to the beat.

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Smooth Ft. DC Breaks – ‘We Are Your Friends’  [Eatbrain]

Eatbrain doesn’t stop when it comes to the heaviest, dirtiest neurofunk drum and bass and “We Are Your Friends” from Smooth featuring DC Breaks is an all out assault on the dance floor. A playful rhythm kicks in on the intro and a soothing voice commands control with a list of orders in a smooth, mechanical flow. An intense build sets the stage for an even bigger bang on the drop. “We AreYour Friends” is brutal and full of the heaviest neuro elements as DC Breaks and Smooth come together to design a monster of a tune. An attention grabber in the mix and on the floor “We Are Your Friends” will pull the crowd in and confine them to the floor.

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