Tengu ‘Heavyweight Material ft. Whiskey Pete [TNGU Music]

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Tengu is a name that’s been popping up all over the drum and bass scene as of late with booming releases on some major labels across the board from UKF and Viper to DeVice, Korsakov and more! This week Tengu is bringing his own imprint some heat alongside Whiskey Pete with the breakneck single “Heavyweight Material” available now on TNGU Music. Let’s get a listen in on this feisty number that’s sure to ignite the dance with its stylish smash.


A playful build entices a soft, cinematic aura leaving the light to the lyrics as a headstrong verse from Whiskey Pete drives flawlessly to the drop with a punchy cadence cascading into the body of the tune. Tengu cranks up the heat with a funky groove bouncing and snapping between beats as a colossal bassline twists and sprawls, oscillating through the bins with the fullest vibrations. The vocals are sliced and diced through the track with aggressive angst, drilling the message and inspiring the mischievous mood. The break cuts through, simmering softly to rebuild and annihilate the floor once more as “Heavyweight Material” reenters the arena thickening the beats with sophisticated sound design bringing an amplified adrenaline rush for a big boost of extra oomph to rock it out extra crisp. Mosh pit ready “Heavyweight Material” is a serious stomper of a tune and can’t be missed!

Grab “Heavyweight Material” now from TNGU Music! CLICK HERE 



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