Tesen ‘US/When the Lights Go Featuring Luca Mia’ [Technique Recordings]


Now an official part of the Technique Recordings roster Tesen presents a pristine pair of tracks to make this announcement even more special. Continuing to stray from his typical jump up style Tesen delivers a more gentle approach to production with his latest release showcasing his wide range of talent when it comes to creating drum and bass.

“US” leads in with a playful female vocalization echoing softly as synthesized keys build over bellowing basslines stretching to the drop. The beat boosts the build only to snap and pause for an instant with a charming hook ‘It’s all about you and I’ before “US” fires off. Vibrant highs run amidst a solid beat whimsically enhanced with exuberant breaks and lively builds as the vocal weaves in and out. The bass design is funky and fun switching and changing to escalate the energy. A drummy dance floor number “US” from Tesen will pull the crowd to the floor engulfed in the glow of an upbeat, soothing vibe with enough energy to instigate the bounce.

“When the Lights Go” featuring Luca Mia delivers steamy liquid vibes easing in with a wispy, whimsical intro as keys chime in with a soft, tranquil melody. The beat kicks up at the drop beginning the alluring verse sung by Luca Mia, mellow and soothing it’s full of passion. The sensual vocals carry throughout the tune as the keys dance in perfect harmony rising and falling over a masterfully composed beat from Tesen. “When the Lights Go” is overflowing with luscious summer vibes and is a sweet pick for a mellower mix.

Grab this release from Tesen on Technique Recordings available now on Beatport and keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass for reviews on all the freshest tracks.


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