Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Kanine Bootleg)


Over the past couple of years Kanine has worked his way into the spotlight bringing some serious jump up heat to the table with his unique sound. With releases and remixes from some of the most prolific labels in the game, he’s recently had some releases on A.M.C’s  mighty Titan recordings and Logan D’s Low Down Deep recordings. This time around he brings one of the hottest dubs of the year with his bootleg of Tessela’s Hackney Parrot which was one of the hottest breakbeat tracks of 2013 while still carrying a huge load of energy in the dance today.

The bootleg starts at Stone with old school style percussion paired with hardcore leads in preparation of its signature vocals at the break. The amen pressure builds into the drop with great force before pummeling into all out bus-load-of-bricks knockout punch to the jaw bassline which tears into the time-space continuum. Forget foghorns the lead synth reminiscent of a mechanical giant elephant trumpet. Cutty fills and stepping percussion is the name of the game and a bassline that will have you rushing back from the smoking section to throw your shoes at the booth.

No word for release on this yet. Check the audio out here and pray you can hear it somewhere close to you.


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