The Burner Bros feat. Armanni Reign – Gold Standard [ Patrol the Skies]

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Reviews, Tunes

Coming into winter 2020 with the HEAT!!

That’s right y’all. The Burner Bros have linked up with Armanni Reign to release a certified anthem. Gold Standard is a savage drum and bass banger. Bringing together hard edged tech rollers w/ hip hop flavor, and vibes galore. It is coming via Patrol the Skies records. Staying consistent with the standards set by previous artists like Bad Martin, Pish Posh, KC, Benny V, & Ash Flo.

This tune embodies everything about the hard edged east coast dnb style. It jumps us into a fresh set of custom Nike Air’s. Straight bouncing onto the dance floor to a syncopated key line. Like an intro song for the under dog in a UFC fight. Then the beat and vocal drop you into the cypher. Armanni dropping straight bars and lifestyle mantra’s like we owe him money. “Be a soldier, no teacher. A soul reacher, turn em all into believers” . Delivered like a sermon from a battle tested emcee turned preacher.

A clinic in staying true to the culture and scene rides over a stomping backline. Snares and kicks literally punch the cones out of yours speakers through the whole track. ZERO WEAK SNARES were harmed in this production. On top of that. The basslines tear right through you. Smashing your facial expressions into various phases of grimace.

I get huge mid 2000’s dance floor dnb vibes . Which is totally warranted. Since The Burner Bros were a huge part of crafting that aggressive big room style of Stateside drum and bass. All the things that always stoked me out about tunes like “Invid” by Dieselboy, or “Dead Planet” by Hive/Kaos & Gridlock are present in this tune. Great hooks from great emcee’s. Monsterous drum lines. Dominating low end. And a message worth holding yourself too. A Gold Standard. Once you know what it is, settle for nothing less.

This tune is everything I expected from these badmen. I will be blasting the shit out of this as a “hype tune”. The only thing missing is a packed dance floor of junglists going completely mental. Which we all can’t wait to see happen again. Well done gentlemen!


And can be picked up here….


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