The Burner Brothers, Christina Tamayo, CL Smooth, T.R.A.C. & MC Posi-D Conjure up Sorcery with “Alchemy”

by | Jan 16, 2021 | Tunes

The Burner Brothers (Al Seen & CT Burners) are steadily launching towards their highly anticipated album with their new, sorcerous single “Alchemy.” Featuring the legendary Hip-Hop alchemist CL Smooth (NY, ST. NICK ENT), a reminiscent and revival of New York’s creative influence, the soulful & melodically unique voice of liquid’s own Christina Tamayo (V Recordings, Chicago, IL), and East Coast DNB/HIP-HOP MC Dons T.R.A.C. (V Recordings, NYC) and MC Posi-D (NJ), “Alchemy” magically combines the alchemic chemistry of East Coast & Midwest Hip-Hop & Soul with the beautiful and classic sounds of Drum & Bass a combination that helped soothe the sound of the genre in the early years honoring and growing the roots that influenced the style today. Blasting through atmospheric limits on The Burner Brother’s very own label: Patrol the Skies, this astronomical collaboration expresses that Stateside DNB experience and experimentation sending listeners off through a cosmic journey of creativity.

The stunning swift drums hit leading the arpeggiating, staggering spacey stabs dancing behind the soulfully supernatural song of Christina Tamayo. The gritty basslines wrench and tear through the stratosphere intergalactically-broadcasting haunting sonic soundwaves grabbing the spectators’ attention. CL Smooth expresses the optimistic pain & bliss of life throughout his verse:

If you know how to live it, and everything you give it is what you want to get back. Stay on track, and what’s easy to stray to the problems of today: out chasing them stacks / Some fall through the cracks. We’re taught: to learn life is short, better lead than follow, here today [then]; gone tomorrow.

Just like in alchemy, to manifest and create you must put out the same positive or progressive energy to the Universe as you would like to receive and multiply equating & fueling the exchange. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the rat race sprinting after money. Over obsessing over anything can be negatively impacting but if you instead focus on what’s right in front of you: your own path not other’s, your life vision will become clearer overall and then you will not only be able to defog miraculous visions from your crystal ball but also how to summon and achieve them for your life. Looking inwards and at life’s hardships teaches us lessons in conjuring up confidence and courage by enchanting our vulnerability or vulnerabilities, fear, anxiety, and other feelings into creativity like gathering and charming ingredients for spells or manifesting. This outer worldly crossover-DNB track is a lesson in Alchemy transforming struggle into strength.

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