The Clamps ‘All For Us’ [Kosen Production]

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The latest installment from Kosen Production comes from The Clamps with ‘All For Us’. A fresh spin on an already sophisticated style and sound The Clamps deliver another groundbreaking EP continuing to evolve the unique technique with a fierce funk to amp your sets UP! Let’s check it out!


The build surges to life, melancholy synths chug along as an animated vocal welcomes the audience to the scene carrying a message of sinister intent as “All For Us” pushes to the drop. Dark basslines eagerly ravage the mix blasting and rolling through the measures roaring fiercely, starved for blood, as the steppy rhythm rises keeping the pulse alive. Snippets of screams sneak through the black, shrill and suspenseful there’s no turning back! ‘Feed it their blood. Their pain. ALL FOR US.’ This track is primed to attack, devouring the dance floor to feed the beast and we’ve only just begun…


Warmth washes over the build summoning an eerie sensation as the track ticks to life. Soft keys jitter, weaving slivers of light through the atmosphere as it thickens. The bass bellows sending an enourmos shock through the vibe as angelic vocalizations flutter chasing the drop. Unmatched energy ignites as “After The Sun” begins to form an emotional rhythm with barbaric beats flowing furiously amidst an electrifyingly low bass desigin while the vocal and melody continues to shine; illuminating through the dark vibe. “After The Sun” boasts a futuristic finesse with a sinisterly soft balance between darkness and light.

NOW CAN’T YOU SEE ft. Jaḍāna

A forceful intro blasts “Now Can’t You See” deep into the black depths of DNB, the bassline sprialing farther, twisting furiously amidst aggressively choppy beats. A quick flip cuts the energy, half time pulsing, easing the voal into the mix. “Now Can’t You See” snaps to the drop providing a delicious dose of serious funk with moody melodies cascading through the composition. Sliced samples collected from the vocal amp the energy UP as the tune continues to carry a jazzy, experimental groove forcing the floor to sway and move. The Clamps follow a solitary path creating tracks that are completely unmatched.


A barrage of beats pummel the build with instant exuberance snapping into a somber switch as “Echo Of Time” playfully pounces to the drop. Crunchy basslines command control, severly broken and blistering. A ferocious flip glides into a softer phrase only to stomp right back for another attack; the dance floor a toy in its fatal game. Stuttered and staggered the composition stomps on; “Echo of Time” is a masterful display of cleverly broken beats and basslines that resonate deep.


“Heart Of Tomorrow” pumps the melody right into the build as an animated intro entwines soft vocalizations in a passionate duet, contrasting tones in a colossal combination, warming the vibe up to the drop. Smoothly savage neurofunk unfolds, gently grinding through the measures, bubbly and bouncy, furiously feeding the mix. Thick and fresh ideas in sound design The Clamps focus on the details with immense precision there are no words for the energy and emotion that are flowing through “Heart Of Tomorrow”, it will bend your mind and consume your soul lost in the bliss. The breakdown holds the mood oscillating into a four on the floor groove to FUNK IT UP. “Heart Of Tomorrow” is pulsing and throbbing with extraordinary style and energy The Clamps can’t be beat!

MY LIFE ft. Lil V1sion

A unique vibe from The Clamps and Lil V1sion on “My Life” the build crawling from the darkness as intensified vocals drive in with a freely spoken verse, the beats regaining control pounding to the drop. Enraged power flows as punchy beats and colossal basslines support stuttered cuts of the vocal sample popping through the composition. Manic melodies harmonize flawlessly bringing the brightness to the mix as the bassline continues to slam the low end. Creative twists bring flavor to the second half of the track emitting a more pop into the step. Another top tier track from The Clamps with innovative style and sound and a bit of a more upbeat twist to add a punch to the mix.

Grab your copy of ‘All For Us’ out now from The Clamps on Kosen Production.




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