The Clamps Feat. Tasha Baxter – The Chase (Fourward Remix) [Trendkill]

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Tunes

BIG TUNE ALERT. Whenever you see Fourward’s name on anything you know its gonna be hot. Trendkill unleashes the Fourward boys on The Clamps track “The Chase”. its hard to imagine how they thought to take an already blistering tune and take it up even another notch.

“The Chase” opens with an ominous cinematic vibe. Piano chords shake and shiver as they increase in brightness. Tasha Baxter’s sultry vocals echo through the soundscape. Synths filter in as you approach the dance section. Heavy drums stomp with brutal impact. Various synth transitions keep the tune colorful and engaging. The subtle yet eloquent changes in drum pattern also keep the track curiously new from listen to listen.

Trendkill records never fails to deliver when it comes to raw dancefloor neurofunk sound. Placing Fourward on remix duties for The Clamps was an over the top but equally brilliant maneuver. Be sure to keep an ear on Trendkill, Fourward, and The Clamps as we barrel towards the end of the year!

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