The Clamps ‘Seduction Scale EP’ [Kosenprod]

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A decade in to manufacturing music and it’s clear that The Clamps boast a distinguished and expressive style twisting the evolution of drum and bass into new eras, generating anomalous sounds and eccentric compositions from the darkest depths of experimentation, keeping the divergence in drum and bass alive. Similarly Kosen Productions has been circulating the scene for ten years as well pumping out the most savage independent underground sounds so the release of the ‘Seduction Scale EP’ seems to be a symbiotic celebration of these paralleled milestones accordingly.

The first clip to stun the scene is a powerhouse of pleasure titled “Hold Me”. A euphonious sensation of symphonic style and sound design soft beats carry through an extended intro formulating through the harmonics into a fierce fashion as synths and keys echo melodies to add flare through the build. Curious vocals break through as the energy increases pulsing toward the drop. Monster basslines engulf the composition cascading and contorting through the measures as severely snappy snares strike in accordance to the mood. Angelic atmospherics and hype highs complement in all the right places. A deviant distraction suddenly whips “Hold Me” into a peculiar pattern of a deep four by four break down that quickly snaps to an ambient vibe with the second drop carrying a more mellow groove. Bouncing bass, intricately composed beat patterns and instrumentals that formulate a jazzy, melodic mood carries through the rest of the tune. Rave tested and approved “Hold Me” is a perfectly creative tool for emotive manipulation and making the dance floor move.

Still to come swirling synths shine through the build on “Automaton” bringing the beat to life as animated atmospherics hum and wind. A carnivorous change up supplies clever contrast as there’s more to “Automaton” than meets the eye. Dark and demonic industrialized sounds growl to the drop where deep, gritty basslines moan and blast ferociously feeding from mechanically mutant beats that pound and slash in an exotic display of sound design. The softer shine struggles to survive breaking the barrier to resurface in short bursts as “Automaton” charges on with ingenious intent to boggle the mind.

Exotic melodies entice the intro on “Family Chest” creating an imaginative image through surreal sounds with fanciful flare as Thomas Carbou supplies his stylized jazz skills in this can’t miss collab. Unique harmonies twist and bend carrying through the drop gliding low and slow in a solid half time glow. Fluid and powerful the bass bangs amidst an atypical beat pattern as poetically rhythmic vocals balance the flow. A swift switch brings more beef to the beats allowing the instrumentals to cut through bringing “Family Chest” to the breakdown. Strings and keys twinkle serenading the octaves in anticipation of round 2 where the instrumentals shine in a choir of creative experimentation.

“Perception” prowls in precariously while beats build dangerously in the distance; an attack is imminent as the melody ignites striking emotion amidst soft vocalizations and powerfully synthesized sounds. Amplifying the energy the drum line intensifies intertwined with a sensational symphony only to be sliced by a breathtaking sample suspending the drop in suspense. The exquisite orchestra roars back to life engulfing the composition in deep reece, fearless effects and gritty beats broken by vicious vocal cuts creating new measures of madness in this mind bending masterpiece. The Clamps create even more artistic innovation initiating intelligent composition as “Perception” flips once more into a mellow melancholy flow for the duration. One thing is certain; ‘reality is your imagination’.

Title track from the EP “Seduction Scale” is the climax to this collection from The Clamps on Kosen Productions. The suspense is thick through a mysterious build leaving the imagination to run wild as the darkness looms with only small snippets of sound to build the mood. A dangerous drop suddenly explodes from all angles snares firing with fury, highs reporting rapidly amidst solemn basslines that groan and bend through the measures in contrast creating polarity allowing atmospheric elements to sing through. An extravagant display of design “Seduction Scale” is an incomparably unique DJ tool.

Surrender to the ‘Seduction Scale EP’ and see what your mind can do. The Clamps have created a one of a kind collection of the ultimate tunes only to be creatively used in this perfectly perplexing display of inventive and imaginative drum and bass design.

Available worldwide May 24. Pre-Order your copy now.

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