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The Clamps delivers another master class in production this week with a fully immersible experience intertwining an underlying narrative into his work that drives much deeper than simply the music alone. “Veilwhisper” comes as the third single from The Clamps forthcoming album on Kosen Production boasting his unique vision which is a signature in the creation of drum and bass without bounds, treading new territory, and threading the evolution of this music as he weaves tales within the musical journey for an emotional connection to the progressive groove perfected for sophisticated enthusiasts to align with the tunes.


A sullen softness blankets the build glowing as it swells to illuminate the darkness through a colorful array of tones, transcending as they blend, diving deep into an eclectic journey through celestial sounds. The intensity tightens clutching the mood with a curious melody probing the build, the atmosphere thickening even more engrossing the drop. A soul gripping symphony unravels stabbing into an enshrouding emotional groove with The Clamps swiftly unleashing a supernova of sound surging through space and time with mind bending energy exploding all around. Tenaciously tight rhythms are complimented by crafty kicks and empyrean effects with a mysterious melody caught in the haze, full of fervor, anticipating its place while we’re squalling through a powerfully potent cinematic explosion. More than music through “Veilwhsiper” The Clamps creates another supersonic expedition submerged into the unknown, pioneering another realm to the core.

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