The Dirty Dozen: 12 Tracks to Save to Smash the Floor


2020 has been a roller coaster for performers and rave goers alike awaiting the day that lock down is lifted and we can all get back to doing what we love. One thing is for sure, there has been no shortage of hard hitting, earth shattering drum and bass to keep in the bag for that first set back in a club and this week I have a massive list of tracks to load up on the USB for just that occasion.

Disphonia “Guillotine” [Code Smell Music]
If you haven’t heard of Code Smell Music yet you need to head over and follow this page. Dedicated to pushing “dark, funky, high quality, forward thinking drum and bass” this fresh label that launched this year is doing just that with their first release ‘Inception’, a compilation of monster tracks from various artists including this floor stopper from Disphonia titled “Guillotine”. A soft intro sweeps in complete with a light, funky beat leaving little warning to the carnage about to ensue as the energy amps approaching the drop. Solid, face smashing beats pound over creatively composed basslines producing a thick, full sound. Intricately placed bass drops break in through the tune cascading furiously as the snares run wild amidst mind warping effects. “Guillotine” is a floor shaker worthy of rocking the big bins for the crowd you can pick this up on the ‘Inception’ release out now.

DisasZt “Black Depths” [RAM Records]
A selection from the ‘RAM Rave EP Part 3’ that you surely can’t be overlooked is “Black Depths” from DisasZt. The EP is stacked with ten fire tracks but “Black Depths” charged in and stole the entire show. The intro builds upon a steady beat while synths cry out in an alarming fashion over a deep vocal bellowing warning as cascading bass draws it down into the darkness. Forbidding basslines tug and tow pulling deeper into the lowest tones while the eerie high ends create an unnerving contrast balancing “Black Depths” with thick layers and snazzy snares. A true floor shaker and great tune to compliment a stinky mix “Black Depths” from DisasZt is one to keep in the bag you can grab it now from RAM Records on Beatport. 

IHR & TR Tactics “Light Hammer” [C4C]
Ok so this entire EP from TR Tactics ‘Between Worlds’ absolutely slams but “Light Hammer” featuring IHR takes my top pick from the release, when these two forces combine it results in a all out neurofunk attack to shatter the sound waves. A playful intro sneaks in building to blast off as “Light Hammer” intensifies toward the drop pulling out the heavy artillery ‘Laser Charged Particle Beam Weapons’. An intergalactic battle is about to ensue as bass bellows from every direction morphing and mutating into a terrifying spectacle amidst solid kicks and spaced out effects. A quick breather in the break leaves ample time to prepare for a more aggressive second drop that’s out of this world. Grab the entire ‘Between Worlds EP’ from TR Tactics featuring IHR out now on Beatport, you won’t be disappointed.

Mizo “Pathogen” [Neuropunk Records]
Mizo’s ‘Rockfall EP’ delivered a 5 pack of supersized neurofunk tracks that could complete a good portion of this list in their entirety and that’s what we’ve come to expect from Mizo as he continues to crank out clean compositions that absolutely smash track after track. Picking one to spotlight is a challenge but “Pathogen” stands out from the rest riding in on a solid beat paired with creative synths that drip and drop pumping harder only to vanish in an instant and reincarnate in a whirlwind to wind out the intro. Monster basslines consume the mix chasing the beat straight into one of Mizo’s signature switches. Bouncing along for a solid measure”Pathogen” continues to grow snapping back for another attack before the break with enough energy to make the room rain sweat. Snag your copy of the ‘Rockfall EP’ from Mizo on Neuropunk Records to get this and more surefire bangers for your basket.

Disphonia “Can’t Hold Back” [Blackout Music]
Disphonia hits the list again with “Can’t Hold Back” from ‘Blackout Evolutions Volume 8’which is packed with top tunes all around as this series brings some of the freshest talent together in each of its releases. Disphonia is grabbing the attention yet again taking neurofunk to new levels of insanity. A mysteriously devious intro cuts quickly to the chase building on compact kicks and a big bellow of bass before all hell breaks loose. Hard, heavy and FAST “Can’t Hold Back” expands the energy double time with an ultra upbeat drum line fueled by grimy, bouncy basslines and whopping breaks full of fierce effects. If you’re looking to flip the floor into a frenzy Disphonia’s “Can’t Hold Back” will do just that you can pick it up today from Blackout Music on Beatport.

Disrupta “Bad Guy” [Born on Road Records]
‘The Night EP’ is available now on Born on Road Records from Disrupta and “Bad Guy” is the ace in this hand of tracks. Synthesized keys echo through the intro as the beat snaps in hard commanding compliance in the mix. A killer sample snipped from Scarface kicks the door down for the don of a drop unleashing “Bad Guy’s” monster growling bassline rolling in a furious frenzy. A straightforward beat gives way to extra layers in the low ends as Disrupta exhibits superior levels of sound production in his cutting edge bass design. “Bad Guy” is so thick it will blow the floor to bits and is a perfect selection to scratch the roller itch. Grab it on ‘The Night EP’ from Disrupta out now on Born on Road Records.

Rene Lavice & Benny L “1000 Days” [DeVice]
Rene Lavice’s new label DeVice launched this year as he continues to push the evolution of drum and bass into new territories. “1000 Days” comes as the fourth release on this label as Rene Lavice presents a collection of expressive collaborations with some of the top artists in drum and bass music. Pulling out the big guns with Benny L as his partner on this track “1000 Days” is the vocal ballad we’ve been waiting for. Keys play in softly to kick of this composition and continue to build upon heavy layers of synthesized sounds. A sorrowful serenade from an anonymous vocalist stimulates shivers of emotion as the build deepens with one of Benny’s signature bass blasts and a crescendo on the roll to the drop. When “1000 Days” kicks in it’s clear to see Rene and Benny are quite an explosive combo collaborating on production. Benny L’s bass design paired with Rene Lavice’s signature snazz and pizzazz steals the scene with this song. The vocal and key elements harmonize well with the prowling foghorn bassline and wispy effects as the composition breaks into a deeply orchestrated rolling bassline supporting another verse of vocals to once again captivate the crowd. Nothing fills the floor quite like a good vocal selection in this mix and “1000 Days” hits the sweet spot. Grab your copy from DeVice and check out the rest of the collection and what’s to come on Beatport.

Tantrum Desire”The Arena” [Technique Recordings]
Tantrum Desire is back once again on Technique Recordings and every piece from this drum and bass pioneer instantly has our ears. A master of his craft Tantrum Desire dabbles among the sub genres of drum and bass with class and this time he delivers a soulful new aged jungle anthem with “The Arena”. An intriguing intro is overflowing with emptiness, like the calm before the storm, as a soft beat springs to life and the horns slide in over an atmospheric vocalization. “It is time, to enter the arena” as deep bass bounds in over a raving jungle beat reminiscent of an old school jungle classic, amplified by Tantrum Desires cutting age techniques. “The Arena” volleys furiously between horns, kettles and amen kicks in an expressive composition merging key elements of production into this track. Stick around for the second drop to excessively crank some necks. “The Arena” from Tantrum Desire is a must to save worthy of the center stage to bring magic to the mix. Grab it from Technique Recordings on Beatport.

Mob Tactics “War City” [RAM Records]
Mob Tactics maintains their momentum cranking out yet another top shelf banger on RAM Records. “War City” doesn’t even need an introduction it’s straight to the battlefield with this one. “There’s no choice left and I’m ready for war” a quick warning before the fire flies deep into the drop with a fat bassline plastered between massive valleys of breaks spaciously placed to bounce the place. Riddled with mid measure bass drops “War City” is the heaviest of artillery towering over any track in the mix yet broken enough to harmonize with a range of tracks. A must save for the first set back to the rave you can grab “War City” now from RAM Records on Beatport.

Prestige”Strange Times” [Digital Terror Recordings]
A tasty morsel of jump up flavor comes off ‘The Weapons EP’ from Prestige. A quick, harmonic melody seasoned with a slight hint of vocal speeds quickly into the drop on “Strange Times”. The momentum increases to instantly flip the floor into action. Energetic horns blast over a lively, bouncy beat. Clean elements and crisp sounds make this a slick track for a third or fourth in the mix or something fun to chop and blend adding a bit of variety to keep the crowd engaged. Flip through ‘The Weapons EP’ for more quality jump up from Presitge you can get “Strange Times” now on Juno Download from Digital Terror Recordings.

Chris.SU: “Mudhorn” [Eatbrain]
New music from Chris.SU? On Eatbrain? Yes, please! “Mudhorn” eases in with a light hi-hat as the snares kick up and magnify the rhythm. A beastly blast of mutant horns slices through the beat leading up to the nastiest drop; a full on grungy neurofunk banger. Slapping low ends wallop and womp, thick and dense in short blasts between steady kicks to whip the floor every which way. “Mudhorn” will drag the crowd in and leave them face down in the pit as Chris.SU broadens the neurofunk spectrum yet again with his masterful skill set meddling sounds so “Mudhorn” consumes the mix. A beast of a track to rock the big bins “Mudhorn” is a must for the stack to save. “The Light” on the flip side is pretty impressive as well. You can pre-order your copy now it drops tomorrow on all major outlets from Eatbrain.

Prolix “Beyond the Satellite” [Trendkill Records]
The latest from Prolix “Beyond the Satellite” delivers straight from the gate with an extended intro that provides ample time to build a mix making it impossible to resist kick starting a set to skyrocket straight into another dimension. Spiraling through the portal “Beyond the Satellite” twists and turns until the energy explodes off the charts with electrifying bass drops that fill half a measure pounding between crazed breaks and unhinged beats. “Beyond the Satellite” whips and slaps furiously it’s a sure floor killer as expected from Prolix each and every time. Grab it tomorrow on Trendkill Records.

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