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Abducted LTD is back with their annual assembly of the hottest neurofunk tunes from this collective mind of artists just in time to spark up your sets for the upcoming festival season. Bigger and badder than ever the Hive 2021 LP is stacked with hard hitting neurofunk tracks from new names and familiar faces as the third instalment of the Hive series is unleashed fully stacked with the ultimate weapons for your DJ sets.

Nemean sets the bar high starting off the Hive LP with “Circle of Shadows”. A symphonic intro supplies soft harmonics and sleek vocalizations joined by a wicked rhythm to amp up the intensity only to break before the drop, reanimating to smash the floor to bits. Furious beats blast amidst exhilarating basslines that switch and twist while the highs add contrast to balance the mix, bouncing along to the nasty neurofunk vibe. The second drop is worth waiting for with a colorful variation to destroy the dance floor.

Extended synths scream through the build on “Absolute Motion” from Sequential. A sly rhythm joins the composition building madly in pursuit of the drop. Dirty basslines consume the composition seething through the measures as they groove and wind while melodic harmonies duel with dangerous drums, snappy and fresh creating dynamics in the mix to set the floor in fluid motion.

Next up MV brings us “Illegal Rave” leading in with a dark and mysterious intro riddled with deep synths and wild effects. A booming broadcast breaks through adding to the intensity as the composition continues to seek the drop. Vehement horns explode blasting between punchy kicks as the beat carries on. MV exhibits clever sound design pulling elements from several sub genres of bass music crossing over between jumpy vibes and bulky neuro sounds. A sure pick to add some oomph to the darker side of your sets you won’t want to miss this “Illegal Rave”.

“Finifugal” from Hanm rolls in on the highs as the somber synths caress the beat to life, weaving barbaric beats through the composition only to break as angelic vocalizations harmonize to the drop. Deep bass rumbles as savage sound design focuses the energy on the intensity of the drum line. A barrage of beats flows, an all out assault on the floor, punching and snapping with an intense nostalgic vibe, overflowing with creative fills and effects twisting the composition at every measure. Hanm ultimately brings the break back to life with “Finifugal”, a must have to summon sinister power to the mix.

Next on the tracklist Knoxz supplies “Evolve” riding in on a ravaging rhythm short bass blasts weaving through the beats amping up the energy in approach to the drop. A powerful composition full of technical drum patterns that pound and snap while wobbly basslines bellow below “Evolve” is enhanced further with clever fills and colorful boosts, a playfully bounce to the composition makes this one great to ride out in a longer mix supplying fresh and furious flavor. Hold tight for the second drop for a manic halftime switch, it’s pure madness!

A curious build generates suspense, dubby bass growling deep as the beat rises to life keeping the mood dark amidst soft atmospherics in “Specters” from Proton X. A well crafted technical composition unfolds with a hint of a tribal flare as “Specters” snaps along switching and changing between measures to keep the mix moving and the floor in a solid groove.

An authentic build from Avoider on “Sonar” accurately represents the title of the tune as subsonic effects creep in stealthily stalking the drop. Punchy snares snap to attention keeping the momentum bouncing along as they report between crunchy, electrifying basslines driving the lows, winding and grinding, spiraling out of control. A tidal wave of tremendous sounds “Sonar” will submerge the room into a whirlwind of calamitous sounds.

Pulsing synths prowl through “Hyperspace” from Volmax (SVK) chained to tense highs and brutally manipulated vocal cuts running wild through the build. Metal infused hybrid rhythms rush the composition pushing the energy to the sky as the bass slaps in exhilarating bursts of fury and power. “Hyperspace” locks the dance in steady motion with colorful vocal cuts and fiery effects filling out the composition pulsing with a thick alt. rock vibe. The second drop is set to smash some faces even more with a manic measure of half time madness that will surely leave some jaws on the floor.

FractalOne creates a savage build on “True Violence” as a barrage of beats beacons to life in alarming fashion. Vocal samples cut through, a broadcast presenting a brutal message that slams ruthlessly into the drop with vicious intent. An onslaught of neurofunk set to blast the room to bits with punchy, snappy, hard clean hits colorfully broken as they whip and crack amidst brutal fills and furious effects that fly through the mix as the bassline ravages and roars to pummel the floor. “True Violence” is a cutthroat composition dominating the mix and overflowing with the most murderous neurofunk sounds this is one powerful DJ weapon of mass destruction, don’t miss it!

An untamed intro strikes the wild side in “Digital Jungle” from Scout 22 full of effects straight from the jungle and tribal stylized beats. An automated vocal sample switches the vibe crossing the sub genres of drum and bass straight through the drop. A wicked crossbreed of slamming jungle styled composition flows frantically manipulated with modern sounds to blast this track straight into another dimension. Digitized broken beats whip wildly between bouncy basslines flowing to the snappy rhythm as the effects add extra flare from every angle. A powerful creation transforming drum and bass “Digital Jungle” from Scout 22 is the future evolution of this sound.

Wrapping up the Hive 2021 LP is “Big Rat” from Exit4. Slinking through the build with surreal sounds that wind and spin the beat soon tears into the composition in a shocking twist grinding to the drop with the bassline snarling heinously in return. Dark and murky the lows take control growling and twisting as they pulse and stab with the beat punching clean in between. A journey into the darker side of dnb “Big Rat” will appease those in search of the nastiest bass face pulling sounds.

The Hive 2021 LP on Abducted LTD is a must have collection of the freshest Neurofunk sounds and is already gaining huge support from the likes of Noisia, Phace, Cause 4 Concern, Gydra, Smooth, Roni Size, Chris S.U., Evol Intent, Redpill, Culture Shock, Aphrodite and so many more! Grab your copy dropping TODAY on Abducted!

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