The Junglist EP – Taelimb [Rebel Music]


Taelimb is back again and is in the middle of a serious mean streak; in his newest release The Junglist EP he wastes no time in showing just how serious about drum and bass he is. From the creative surprises in the sonic textures he crafts, to the raw feelings produced from the beats, and the diversity in the rhythms employed throughout the release, it’s a tour de force of DnB and gives a hint at what the future holds for the genre.


The title track “The Junglist” rears its head; and as the name implies, it is a full on jungle workout. Ethereal sounds and the clack of a hi hat set the track on its path, as stabs of a spacey vocal line and a shout launch the beat into action. It is a complex and furious pattern that challenges the ears and mind to follow it. The bass hums along subtly, revealing itself at perfect intervals. Together, it all reveals Taelimbs deep love for old school jungle, as it pays homage to its raw beginnings; but he also adds his own modern twist to the sound, creating a hybrid of past and present elements that reveal why jungle is still such a potent force in the genre.


“Acid Train” is a full-bore rollercoaster, with a fast-paced techstep style beat forming the backbone of the track. Intermixed along the way are thick blasts of fuzz which, although usually used as a rhythm accent, instead are used to create the hypnotic melody heard here. As the track surges on, the sporadic changes of the cymbals create endless valley and peaks in the vibe, fittingly making one feel like the moment in an acid trip where you don’t know where it’s taking you, but can’t wait to see what happens either.


“Ruff Stuff”, simply put, is a masterpiece of minimal/deep drum and bass. Beginning with a click and an ominous atmosphere, it takes its time building up to the meat of the track. When the beat kicks in, it blends with the previous elements to continue building the tension. Finally, a fuzzy bass motif launches the song into its full power. The addition of vibrational bass fills the song out, yet before you know it the break hits. Despite the loss of the beat, a hypnotic layer continues that keeps the momentum going. With everything jumping back in full force, the tracks relentless groove showcases the way this song explores the furthest depths of deep bass lines and what they can do.


Getting back to basics, the vibe heavy “Sticky” creeps in in. A collab with long-time friend and ally, Conscience, this atmospheric track is addictive. Utilizing a simple rhythm and melody, it quickly hypnotizes you into submission and has you grooving along without even thinking twice about it. For being such a heavy and dark tune, it rolls along very fluid and smoothly; thus creating an interesting blend of lush soundscapes with angular notes. This use of space and layers is so well executed that it’s no wonder they easily echo throughout your head.


“Kat Scam” is pure Taelimb on full display. A heavy lurching stepper filled with a filthy bass line, ominous vocal samples, heavy snare snaps, and a hypnotic synth motif. This track conjures up images of those dark warehouse parties where jungle/dnb was born, and would easily send any dance-floor into a frenzy. The amount of precision in this track is astounding; from the number of layers expertly balanced together, to the timing of each element, and even the way the sound of the snare is the perfect one for creating the vibe of the track.

Currently available on Rebel Music, this is a must-have release for everyone, regardless whether you’re a dance floor fiend or a studio de-constructor. Pick it up ASAP!!


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