The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2 [Korsakov Music]


This massive compilation from Korsakov Music has just dropped like a bomb and it is jam packed with 15 tracks of pure fire. As a whole this release is dark, evil and moody perfect for the current season or any sinister set. The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2 comes as an essential for any collection stacked with some of the heaviest names from both established and up and coming producers in drum and bass ready to slingshot Korsakov Music into the ranks; let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Teddy Killerz kicks off the album with intensity on “BFG”. The atmospheric build on the intro flips quickly to accentuate the dubby doom that waits at the drop. Grungy and heavy in true Teddy Killerz fashion “BFG” is a solid indication of what’s to come on the rest of this release as we continue to smash through the Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2 one by one.

Uppercut” is next on the list from Raiser. Titled with extreme accuracy a powerfully symphonic intro grips hard building the intensity with fury to a monster drop that will no doubt smash the floor to bits. Manic basslines twist and flip as the drums pound between breaks with steady accuracy. Raiser has a truly unique style that makes his tunes stand out in the mix and “Uppercut” will surely knock some heads about.

Smooth’s  Capacitor” is one of my personal favorites from the Korsakov Compilations Vol 2. A smooth build stealthily stalks in leaving the spotlight to the monster drop. Bassy and bouncy “Capacitor” is a heavy neurofunk machine ready to twist the dance floor into fluid motion. This is one of those tracks you HAVE to play all the way to the end as not to miss the mental halftime switch at the last drop. Absolute neurofunk fire from Smooth on this one!

Droptek eases in on the intro but ultimately comes extra heavy on “Vexed”. Robotic basslines blast under a heavy drum line full of intense breaks and rolls; beefy and complex it’s so fun to work into a mix.

Blunderbuss” from Madster is dark and moody kicking in with an evil atmospheric intro it sets the tone for the deep, dirty halftime composition that will slice and dice with intricately placed twisted percussive flares keep “Blunderbuss” rolling with adequate room to breathe in the mix.

Sublimit & DJ Blackley’s  “Adapt Or Die” is a big bad dub machine. Clever vocals echo and enhance the vibe of artificial intelligence to accentuate the intro dropping hard into dirty robotic dubby basslines and big fat breaks. Sublimit and DJ Blackley have created a literal bass monster on “Adapt Or Die”.

More Complex” from Cause4Concern, Optiv & CZA is a massive track that immediately caught my attention from the first play. Demonic atmospheric pads play through the intro as intense drum rolls kick in methodically to stun the silence. “More Complex” dips into the deepest depths of dark drum and bass, thick rolling basslines carry the sinister underground vibe beneath complex drums that are masterfully composed.

Dub Elements is a consistent heavy hitter when it comes to dark and dirty drum and bass and “She Was a Robot” is no exception to that rule. A solemn intro builds upon low synths dropping deep into a grungy half time ditty with slick snares and groovy effects to round out the composition of “She Was a Robot” in the most mechanical fashion.

Current Value is an unstoppable machine this year cranking out releases left and right. “End Game” is more than a necessary addition to the Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2. “End Game” stalks in eerily with a solid rhythm atop spooky synths ready to pummel the floor at the drop. Insane basslines twist and bend under hefty beats that resemble a battle of galactic proportions.

Anything with Gydra’s name on it has my attention and “Verse Tonijn” grabbed an immediate spot as one of the top tracks in my current playlist! The build on the intro is full of suspense and power, thick and atmospheric until the beat kicks in pounding hard to the drop. Heavy in true Gydra fashion it’s drummy and bouncy full of energy to whip the floor into motion. “Verse Tonijn” has extra emphasis on big breaks and fx which makes this extra fun to spin giving extra playfulness to the blend in the mix.

James Marvel adds a special touch to the Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2 with the track “Special K”. The intro rings in upon atmospheric symphonic waves twisting into a sinister beat leading toward the hard hitting funky drop that will no doubt get the floor into a bounce. Toggling between methodical high end rhythms and low blasts of robust bass “Special K” carries raw energy through the mix.

Mean Teeth adds a dose of extra heavy energy to the Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2 with “Subtitles”. A subtle build intensifies toward the drop which is mechanical and heavy. Whomping bass, lots of breaks and interesting vocal fx add a lot of flavor to this track as it smashes through the mix. “Subtitles” is a serious stomper you don’t want to miss.

Potent” from Lights Out with Coppa on the vocals is yet another smashing selection from the Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2. Coppa brings the hooks rough and tough with his masterful delivery on the mic as “Potent” builds to the drop where elastic neurofunk basslines smash to get the floor rocking back and forth to the intense rhythm. Aggressive vocals aptly placed amidst the hard kicks and dangerous basslines make this an all out assault of neurofunk drum and bass.

Please” from A Cray is full of intensity from the first beat. An atmospheric intro plays up the suspense as the snares roll in heavy to the drop kicking hard with roaring robotic basslines that scream and stretch under deep bass drops, stabby snares and spacey effects. “Please” from A Cray will leave the floor begging for more.

Erb n Dub’s “Monsta Stomp” featuring Coppa and Tony Anthem is the perfect way to round out the Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2.  An absolute belter of a tune Coppa lends his MC expertise once again as we approach the fattest, dubbiest basslines in this futuristic composition that will get the dance floor stomping with fury.

Korsakov Music has put together a compilation of epic proportions full of deep, dubby bass and vibes that are out of this world. Proving they aren’t playing around when it comes to cranking out the heaviest tunes in drum and bass we’re keeping a close eye for more to come!

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