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If you’re on the hunt for some banging new tracks to liven up your sets Technique Recordings has the tools you need consistently providing the freshest heat for your DJ arsenal. Coming off a most impressive year in 2019 it seemed nearly impossible to top that feat but the first quarter of 2020 has proven one thing: Technique Recordings is influencing new standards when it comes to producing drum and bass each and every time.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith “Power of the Future” and “Nexus”

Technique’s boss men Drumsound & Bassline Smith set the bar to astronomic heights kicking off the year’s releases on the label with “Nexus” and “Power of the Future”; two big, bad, bassy tracks that show forward thinking and evolution in the sound of drum and bass. You can read my full review on the release here.
“Nexus” and “Power of the Future” are available now on Beatport.

T Phonic & Sense “Junglist Murderer” and “Vanished Without a Trace”

Next up T Phonic & Sense gave us “Junglist Murderer” and “Vanished Without A Trace”, a killer pair of tunes from a winning production combination morphing an extensive history of drum and bass into new aged production techniques to create sounds from another dimension. Ragga vocals drive “Junglist Murderer” through the familiarity of old school flavor while twisting into modern dimensions of jungle music with a heavy accent of neuro elements. “Vanished Without a Trace” is geared more toward modern era neurofunk dnb with heavy stabs and pounding basslines to shake the dance floor to bits adding a unique pair of tracks to any DJ library. You can read Haji’s review of this release on Best Drum and Bass here.
Grab your copy of “Junglist Murderer” and “Vanished Without a Trace” on Beatport now.

Tesen & Profile “Fusion”

Tesen & Profile manifested an excitingly fresh track for the next release to roll out from the Technique Recordings camp with “Fusion”. This is one of my personal favorites so far this year! A classy blend between darkness and light, jazzy vibes manipulate the intro flowing into a solid beat beneath a strongly soothing female vocalization as the snares pound toward the monster drop. A deep dark bassline growls volleying back and forth between a flashy jump-up break that rides the chords keeping the momentum of Tesen & Profile’s “Fusion” pummeling along. This track is so thick it will ultimately destroy dance floors with every play, a stellar combination fusing the distinctive styles from these two top producers who are pushing the sound design of drum and bass to exhilarating new heights.
“Fusion” is available now on Beatport from Technique Recordings.

No Concept “Be the 1” and “Remember”
When it comes to the future of drum and bass No Concept are becoming a force to be reckoned with consistently generating unique, technically sound tracks that span the spectrum of drum and bass pulling influences from every angle. This time around they bring us a pair of deep, soulful tunes with “Be the 1” and “Remember” two instant classics for any Junglist’s library.
“Be the 1”

Kicking off on an old school vibe with a lively beat “Be the 1” is a stomper from the start taking us on a trip down memory lane amidst killer breaks and deep drops of bass riding under an energetic vocalization but this is only the beginning! “Be the 1” has more in store than you’re ready for as the bass line hammers at the drop intensely twisting and flowing under that solid jungle vibe turning this track into a jaw dropper for the modern era of jungle enthusiasts, don’t miss out on this masterpiece from No Concept!

A wispy atmospheric intro steers softly into “Remember” as a mystifying vocal strikes in to captivate attention delicately wrapping into the warmth of the melody to engage emotion as the intensity builds to the drop. Stretching and stabbing the bass rides low through snippets of vocal samples and effects as a hefty beat the leads the way to a wicked, moody twist engulfing the rave in the deepest bass harmonizing with the vocalization to soar to higher levels previously unseen. No Concept creatively lays out the distinctive elements in this track with precision as they morph the sound into something fresh, a passionate switch that leads to the break down which mimics the sensitivity of the intro to re-ground the floor before the second drop is back for more. One of my top tracks so far this year “Remember” will be hard to beat!
A driving force in drum and bass No Concept continues to refine their uniquely diverse style and showcase the intelligent thought process that goes into the composition of their tracks. Moving forward these two will continue to shape the sound of this music, keep an eye on them for sure! I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next.

You can grab this release now on Beatport Exclusive, available everywhere April 10.

Future Tech “Sabotage”
Future Tech is back in business and if you are unfamiliar with their history this is another moniker for label heads Drumsound & Bassline Smith as well as the name and title behind the very first release on Technique Recordings in 1999. The original was remixed by Future Tech as part of the ‘20 Years of Technique Remix LP’  released last year. Now Future Tech is ready to decimate the scene back once again with the single “Sabotage” forthcoming on Technique Recordings April 17, 2020. Dark and dirty “Sabotage” hums in eccentrically; a perfect set up for the carnivorous drop loaded with filthy variations transforming the bass line and a broken 2 step beat masterfully accented with vocal samples and effects in all the right places. Future Tech puts a new spin on the dark, steppy rollers as they pioneer innovative sounds in drum and bass supplying something unexpected each and every time. This one is so fresh there’s no clip for this yet, I will update when I can find one so for now you’ll have to trust me “Sabotage” is a track you’ll want to keep an eye out for so add it to your list!

2020 has only just begun and one thing is clear Technique Recordings is moving forward full throttle continuing to dominate with consistent releases packed with top shelf tunes. One of the most iconic labels in drum and bass history is certainly proving to be a staple in formulating the design of modern sound as we move forward advancing into new territories with Technique at the forefront of the movement while they continue to maintain the integrity of the musical roots that dive deep into the sounds of 90’s jungle that formed this genre of music. With Technique Recordings in your collection you just can’t go wrong.

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