The Launch of Vahana Records

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Elisa Do Brasil and Bobby have joined forces creating a buzz around the debut of the new French based label, Vahana Records. Utilizing this platform to promote their personal projects as well as support the next generation of junglists coming up in the scene, Bobby and Elisa Do Brasil have big dreams for the future of drum and bass in France and beyond. I even had a chance at a mini interview of sorts to hit on some key aspects of their visions and goals for the feature this week. Let’s dive into what we can expect from Vahana Records and the debut release ‘Vahana Records 001’ on the label featuring Bobby, Elisa Do Brasil, Miss Trouble and Dopa Beatz.


“Evasion” grips tightly combining evil atmospherics and punchy broken beats as it creeps to the drop in this stellar composition of style and flare from Bobby & Elisa Do Brasil. Smooth, clean and dark though minimal in style it maximizes the potential for a creative blend as the technique and production is top notch. Attention to detail brings funk and creative rhythm patterns animating “Evasion” as it continues to snap through the mix punchy and powerful, teetering on the halftime groove.


Bobby & Elisa Do Brasil set the tone, moody and confrontational as Miss Trouble blasts through the build with an emotional verse flowing with fire and aggression as “What’s New” tumbles into a deep, dark, growling roller. Plenty of pizzazz sparks from the rhythm as it entices the jungle influence into the undertones keeping the composition blasting along, technically sound sandwiched between Miss Trouble’s manifesto. This trio has created a moving piece of music that is sure to grab attention in the dance through this killer collab, “What’s New”.


“Peplum” smashes through on forceful rhythms that consume a quick build carrying forward into an ultra funky track. Bouncy and broken this half time tune teases snappy beats cracking into a flawless groove in the mix. Danceable and fun “Peplum” is a creative mixing tool for a sophisticated set as it flips, turns and snaps punching through the composition. Elisa Do Brasil and Dopa Beatz pulled out all the stops on this one!

The first EP from Vahana Records is a hot one and we’re excited for this fresh label with driven goals to cultivate the future sounds of drum and bass. We’ll be keeping Vahana Records on the radar!

‘Vahana Records 001’ is available now grab your copy here!

And now, the Interview:

Bobby was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about the label, the goals present and future as well as the sound they are looking to purvey through this journey into drum and bass so read on to learn more!

What was the inspiration behind the journey into starting Vahana Records?

The idea of creating Vahana Records was born from our meeting with Elisa Do Brasil, a pioneer of the French dnb scene. After many hours together in the studio, but also behind the decks, it came to us as evidence that we had to unite and create a label, to have a place to release our songs, but also to release those of artists that We love.

Tell us about some of the short term, and long term, goals of the label.

Our main goal is exploration. We want to discover new sounds, new artists, and build a universe and a sound specific to Vahana Records.

What we want to bring is to continue to boost this music and this movement, this big family. But also use our common experiences to help develop young artists.

We are also going to organize parties and showcases, to produce our artists and present our universe to our public!

How would you describe the style of drum and bass you’re looking to promote through Vahana Records?

We are looking to mix our 2 universes, which are still quite different, Elisa is more Deep/Jungle, I’m more Neurofunk.

We don’t want to limit ourselves to a single genre of Bass Music, even if it will be mainly Drum & Bass.

We’re going to release lots of different styles but always with a common essence, good sound.

Are you accepting demos? Where can artists submit their work?

Of course, we even encourage everyone to send us demos. We will listen to absolutely everything, and respond to all artists who would like to work with us.

We have created a form where everyone can submit their best production to us: click here to fill it out!. We can’t wait to hear it all!

Thank you for your time, we’re looking forward to the future of Vahana Records!

If you’re in the area be sure to attend the Release Party March 25 2022 in Rennes at a secret location!   >>>EVENT LINK <<<

Follow this link for all things Vahana Records



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