The Many Faces of New Zealand’s Unsub


Unsub, Alexis K, and n0isemakeR all have one thing in common and that is they reside in the same physical form: Lily. Unsub sat down with Best Drum and Bass to discuss DiD (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as well as a host of topics including their new Album coming out this month via P.H.D.M.

What’s up Lily! How did your name Unsub come about?

Was a combination of two things; Unsubmissive (in reference to bdsm power dynamics) and Unknown Subject (as originally I was anonymous as an artist until people started pretending to be me and getting booked for shows overseas).

What is the DnB scene like in NZ?

Its always been pretty strong with artists like The Upbeats, State of Mind, MC Tali and Concord Dawn but its been having a new wave of popularity the last 18 months with events around the country showcasing a lot of the newer crews coming through in both production and DJing. Its the strongest its been since around 2012.

What are some of the dnb artists that inspire you most?

Billain, Spor, Calyx & Teebee, Phace, Tech Itch, Raiden, Upbeats, Frankee, Camo & Krooked, Aphrodite are always in the playlist.

Who are your biggest influences outside of dnb music?

Amon Tobin, Burial, Tool, Deftones, Bonobo, Petit Biscuit, Melanie Martinez

Tell me a bit about your new album coming out this month. I have been listening to it and it’s dope!

Tells the story of a relationship from start to finish. Journeying through the ups and downs, the beautiful and the ugly parts of it. Was my way of capturing the emotions of it as I was experiencing it and putting it into an album form kind of paints the bigger picture.

So you have Dissociative Identity Disorder and three of you are artists?

Yeah, me (Lily) I produce as Unsub, Ellie writes under n0isemakeR and Alice (the oldest of us) writes under Alexis K. There are also others that are a bit younger who are more interested in Minecraft, Pokemon and Disney haha.

How does DiD affect your personal relationships and responsibilities?

Its definitely challenging! Its pretty complicated when it comes to relationships because we have different interests and attractions. Alice is only interested in girls for example where as Ellie and I are both bi. Communication took a long time to establish between us and sometimes will break down because we don’t always agree on things but compromise is key. Occasionally we’ll lose a day to the Littles wanting to play games or watch movies but they’re generally pretty good about keeping co-conscious
(like being the passenger in a car except the car is the body) rather than taking over completely.

Which of you is the best producer of the bunch?

Haha that’s a hard one! Ellie would say she is. I’d tend to agree in some respects, she has access to everything Alice and I have learnt (in the same way that I learnt from Alice) but has this hunger for learning and experimenting that inspires me to do the same. She’s fairly new to it but picking things up really quickly. I’ve always loved Alice’s melodic orchestral stuff the most. She actually used music to start communication with me, that’s why the first PHDM release, Misadventures of Pilbourne Delaney, was a pretty big thing for us. Represents the process of bridging the communication gap and working together for the first time.

I hear some vocals on the record, do all of the identities sing or is it just specific ones?

Generally Ellie is the only one who sings but we all can. I prefer writing for MCing but don’t want to do it when I DJ. Prefer to let the songs speak for themselves and be able to thrash out like a demon haha.

Do you have any projects planned for 2020 yet?

Definitely a lot coming up in 2020. First vinyl release coming as well as 5 more albums that are in the pre-master mixdown phase atm (not including Alice and Ellie’s). Pushing out the other new albums from n0isemakeR and Alexis K including a collaborative one between the 3 of us. Beyond that, touring the US with J. Augustus and the UK with Rob Sparx over the summer and finally shooting the series of music focused short films that we’ve been writing to give a more visual component to the stories we’re telling through music.

Damn, maybe I need DiD so I can get some more work done!

It makes it harder haha. Especially with having 2 under 10, I can lose like a whole day to Minecraft or Disney xD

What are you using for production and what can you not live without in the studio?

FLstudio. Gear-wise? headphones, but in general; chocolate milk. Its definitely the driving force behind the late night studio sessions.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, where can we follow you (Soundcloud, FB, Twitter, etc.)?

You can grab Unsub’s latest album Friday the 13th of December via their imprint PHDM!


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