The Night City Project Part 2

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Tunes

Thirsting for some dark and heavy DNB? Look no further as Tesseract Recordings just released The Night City Project Part 2. Full of gritty sounds, minimal beat work, and sci-fi flavorings, listening to the album truly does make one feel like they are walking through a city at night.

Starting off with the almighty Taelimb’s “Split Lip,” it launches things into a heady mix straight off the bat. The drums are fierce and banging, yet the throbbing bassline is incredibly vibe heavy; it creates a foreboding atmosphere with almost limitless depth in the way everything combines. And whenever the relentless cymbals kick in, it delivers that minimal DNB sound which makes the music such a satisfying genre. A masterpiece of deep DNB, this is an excellent tune that exemplifies why this particular style continues to thrive and has such a loyal following.


“Proton” by Bios Destruction keep the pace rolling; with layers of driving cymbals, thick basslines, and distorted vocals, thus establishing a sci-fi vibe that is a vibrant part of DNB. An angular track that doesn’t let up, it gives the feeling of hurtling through space at breakneck speed. When the second drop comes, the pace amps up even harder, showcasing the effective power of going full force.

Next up comes Fuj, a promising and experimental producer. In “Avenue,” he puts on full display the brooding atmospheres and signature sound design that he is known for. The song has a perfectly creepy vibe to it (just in time for Halloween), creating an excellent counterpoint to the previous tracks on the album. Employing a dark jungle sound, he stretches and plays with this formula via grimy bass stabs and careful placement of the snare and cymbal work to create this restrained yet driving work.

Lastly, “The Young Are Getting….” by Lao Wai keeps things nebulous, yet introduces a heavy element of introspection. Relying heavily on ethereal vocals, a minimal beat, and stabs of effects and cymbals, the tune drives the mind forever inward. That is until the break……when the bass drops hard and the momentum suddenly changes into a fast pace rhythm, though only for a moment; this firmly establishes the desire the artist has for challenging the ears as well as the genre of DNB as a whole.

Flying under the radar a bit, this is a release that is a highly recommended release and firmly establishes the draw experimental underground DNB continues to possess to this day.


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