The Plague (Ekwols Remix) [Renegade Hardware]

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Keaton & Hive – The Plague (Ekwols Remix) [Renegade Hardware]

Welcome to more fresh drum and bass! Today is the release of the next chapter of Renegade Hardware’s ‘From The Vault’ Remixes. Presenting The Plague (Ekwols Remix) [Renegade Hardware]. An excellent follow up to Magnetude’s take on Messiah. Which is nominated for Best Remix this year at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards. This special remix of The Plague is going to be ripping up dance floors for years to come as did the original.

A Bit About the Vault

From The Vaults signifies a meticulous curation of various talents from the Drum and Bass realm. Tasked with remixing Renegade Hardware’s illustrious back catalogue. This undertaking blends a handful of Renegade Hardware’s most prominent tracks with the unique artistic interpretations of each selected artist. And infusing a renewed vibrancy into every composition. Showcasing innovative viewpoints.

The Plague in the hands of Ekwols

Originally released as part of the ‘Invisible Man’ EP in 2003 as a collaboration from Keaton & Hive. Now this track earned a special place in the hearts of Renegade Hardware and Keaton & Hive enthusiasts. Taking on remix duties is the UK rising star Ekwols. An artist who delivers a heavy dancefloor aimed reinterpretation. As to pay homage to the brilliance of Keaton & Hive’s original composition. Blasted with a boost of Ekwols’ hard-hitting signature. This remix is poised to become a cherished gem for devoted Hardware fans.


Keaton & Hive – The Plague (Ekwols Remix) is out today December 1st and is available for purchase here!

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