The Runninz Kru – High Chaparral (Papa G VIP)

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Tunes

If you have yet to familiarize yourself with the RIQ Yardrock crew [Marvellous Cain, Sound Shifter] and their insane roster of producers, vocalists, and DJs, it’s time to wake the sleeping lion inside you! The Yardrock Junglists recently dropped this Papa G VIP remix of The Runninz Kru’s “High Chaparral” and it is MASSIVE! The tune starts with nostalgic wild west samples from the classic TV show of the same name, peppers in the Ragga-Jungle samples and then drops furiously into full dancefloor murderation. Hold on to your hats and get ready to reload…gunslingers will be calling for a rewind!

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Johnny McNazty is one half of the Dumbsteppaz and a member of the Ragga Fucking Jungle DJ collective "Gone Jahmen Crew." He began producing under the alias "go soshi!" in 2001, co-founded Church: Bass Worship in Southern California in 2009, and Las Vegas Bass Worship in 2013.