The Sauce – Kiss the Ring/WUT [CIA Recordings]

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Tunes

It’s always great to see a new release from The Sauce. The combined powers of DLR, Hydro, and Spinback is a force to be reckoned with, seen in smashes such as Untouchable and their remix of Nosher. The boys return to CIA Recordings to bring another more stompers with Kiss the Ring/WUT.

Kiss the Ring shows the strength of this drum and bass supergroupStarting with buzzing ambiance laden on some of the crispest drums, this stepper gets things moving. Before long, this track kicks in the sub-bass to 11. With buzzy synths and sharp horns, this track becomes more menacing as it rolls on. If you haven’t kissed the ring yet, then this will make you fall in love with The Sauce.

The B-side WUT continues this dazzling streak. With xylophone arpeggios that harkens to late 50’s noir vibes. With those crisp drums stomping on through, the track continues this vibe, with groovy synths, shuffling breaks, all on top of a bed of heavy bass. This track is a perfect b-side with all the finesse and a chill vibe to keep the party going.

The Sauce hits the spot for anyone wanting to add to their drum and bass collection. With a few but growing number of releases, the combined force of drum and bass veterans continues to impress. If you haven’t heard much of this new project, this is the perfect place to start.

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