The Top 30+ Tunes Of 2018


This year has nearly come to an end. We have achieved great feets and bounds in the global Drum & Bass scene. From spectacular parties and festivals, down the the bedroom producer who is shining his light with a new take. To all of the producers and Dj’s who lose sleep over that snare in the mix to the sound design geeks aiming towards the stars, what spectacular sounds have you set this year. Even when you think your cataloguing of artists is good you will always find the release in the depths. Lets take one last look into some of the most interesting and invigorating selections this year had to offer. No Blurb for these just enjoy this music.

#1 LSB – Potshot
This one has been shelled non stop since its release. Sometimes less is more. Creeping playful dread with a bass line to match.

#2 DJ Hybrid Takeover EP & Love The Vibe Remix
Audio addicts and DJ Hybrid have had an incredible this year releasing tunes in the Jungle Rollers, Steppers & 174 Jungle department.

#3 Grid Recordings – HEAD NODDERS VOL1 & 2

The mighty Grid Recordings returned this year with great vengeance to have a fantastic calendar of releases.


#4 Bou Feat Current Value – Higher – Souped Up Records

Rave Weaponry.

#5 Benny L – Summoned EP [META065] 

Forward thinking hard sounds from the young master Benny L


#6 SCAR – Out Of Perspective EP

Technical and grooving from SCAR.

#7 – 5 Years of Addictive Behaviour LP

The Addictive Behavior camp celebrates 5 years with a brilliant LP!

#8 Chronicles by Chronic Recordings.

Huge compilation of delicious rolling material by some of the best.


#9 Mohican Sun – Cold Earth EP

Mastery. The top of their class.

#10  Break, Randall & DLR – Song And Dance – Sofa Sound Bristol

The SSB outfit had a fantastic year and this one is one of the best.


#11 Crematorium – Lotus (Nobody Else)

Absolutely bone chilling and existentially beautiful tune.


Coppa solidifies his place with a slew of heavyweight collaborators and massive tunes.

#13 – 10 Years of Audioporn

Shimon hits the decade mark with his imprint AP!

#14 Arcatype – Hämeenlinna

Arcatype nails this cinematic suspenseful roller with ease.


#15 Jubei & Tyrone – The Arcane EP

Sinister sounds by two legends.

#16 Whiney – Waystone LP


#17 Mean Teeth – Bring Back The Funk LP Part 1

Putting the funk back in neurofunk starts here.

#18 Break – Another Way L.P.

No words needed.


#19 Mefjus Manifest.

Holy Grail level sound design with theatrics to back it up.

#20 Billain Extraction EP

Uncompromising, Forward thinking, ruthless,  energy from the year 3030. Snares…….


#21 Signal – Solitude EP

The young master Signal continues to carve his path blazing with innovation.

#22 Spectrasoul – Untitled Horn. Less is more. Gorgeous cinematic atmospherics.



Unique and refreshing sound design with an infectious groove.

#24 Need For Mirrors – Swim LP

Avant Garde Experimental business from NFM. Gorgeous

Swim LP (Suicidelp019) by Need For Mirrors

#25 Ulterior Motive – Hey Judas

This Came out late 2017 but was shelled so many times it had to make the list.

#26 Books ” Station LP ”

This is about as the Drum and Bass Rabbit hole goes. Mariana Trench vibes.

#27 Akinsa – Namaste LP

Deep Brooding and gothic.

#28 Turno – Asylum

Absolute smasher.

#29 Viper – Bassrush 3.0

Newcomers bringing some HEAT.

#30 Overview Music VA001

Powerhouse team.

#31 SAXXON – Action Saxxon LP

The jungle is indeed massive.

#32 Enei – Faded EP

Enei returns with an arsenal of new sounds.


These are based on my personal tastes


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