FIRE FRIDAY//Doomsday Edition: Inauguration Day w/ Matrix & Futurebound

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Tunes

Let’s face it. Today is probably the most important day in American history– in our lives, at least.

People are burning tires in Washington D.C., and locking down streets in Seattle.

Pretty much everything about today is unprecedented, but we can turn to the most promising facet of this chaotic time– a cheeky new single from the Viper Recordings’ own Matrix & Futurebound.

The tune, featuring vocal bits from our newly-crowned Toupee-In-Chief, leaked into our office at the perfect time.

Matrix & Futurebound’s “The Wall” sets off the tone with full time percussion and lead synth fueled melody right out of the gate, building the atmosphere. The 49th President of the United States  can be heard spouting ” We need to build a wall” on loop into “we need to build it quickly, a big beautiful wall.” The tune ramps up its energy while “We need to keep the illegals out” can be heard.

“The Wall” crashes into the drop– a grooving onslaught of laser-fueled main leads and splashing white noise waves with electric-laden effects pinging in the forefront as more babble by Trump is drawn into the soundscape. A heavy bassline is responsible for keeping this weighty dancefloor smasher riding high on the roster, as the tune breaks into a distorted vocal saying “you are free to do what we tell you” comes in– setting a notion of the potentially dark political days ahead.

Talk about 1984.

I’m feeling quite a mixture of feelings today, but Matrix & Futurebound’s “The Wall” gives me the fuel I need to get through this Inauguration Day. Thanks to the Viper powerhouse duo, we can still get away with calling today a Fire Friday.

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Thanks for joining a special Doomsday Edition of Fire Fridays.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

-Nvrsoft & Lokshot

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Kat Dudinsky is Nvrsoft, a drum and bass DJ from Washington D.C. You can find her hard at work for BADAss Raves, 3D Productions, and Katsucon. In her free time, she is a student, cook, and rower.