Theezer ‘Landing EP’ [Shell Shock Recordings]

by | Jul 31, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

Theezer dropped his first ever EP this week on Shell Shock Recordings with the ‘Landing EP’ smashing through a sinister storyline twisting a theme into the overall mood of this release. If you’re on the hunt for some hard hitting neurofunk that doesn’t hold back the ‘Landing EP’ is full of bangers for the bag. Let’s check it out!


Somber synths strike through the build picking up a rhythm nestled amidst a nefarious narrative that begins the tale of the ‘Landing EP’ building upon a dire warning with a drop set to attack. Neuro spills from all angles with creatively designed basslines twisting and tormenting the mix as they pummel through “Landing”. Wicked drum fills spice up the composition adding flare with brutal, aggressive force as the story continues to unfold.


Light beats pulse through the build, atmospheric elements whipping all around, the intensity increases as the “Fight” continues to grow. Another angry turn in the tale unwinds thrashing hefty basslines between brutal beats, broken and blasting in the measures keeping the track moving with stylish force. Theezer adds a sinister half time switch on the second drop to amp up the “Fight” even more in an energetic assault on the dance floor.


Grinding through the intro low chords consume the moodiness of the “Escape”, a spacious build giving hope to a swift exit from this tragic tale but don’t be fooled, “You cannot escape” Theezer’s supersonic smash as a fury of neurofunk madness is unleashed. “Escape” slashes and slices with aggressive energy and ultimate force blasting through the phrases with menacing basslines, manic drums, filthy fills and vocal effects swirling together awakening an unstoppable beast.


An evil eeriness covers the build reaching from the dark side, seeking “Revenge”. A more open concept on this composition shows diversity from Theezer as the track snaps and pops methodically to consume the floor in a hypnotic trance. A melodic groove caresses the neurofunk elements into “Revenge” with spacious, broken beats and violent vocals to wrap up this epic tale of terror from Theezer.

Theezer’s ‘Landing EP’ is out now on Shell Shock Recordings. Support this release HERE.
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