T>I – Circuits Part 2 EP [Serial Killaz]

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dEEb here, back again week 2 of this T>I release program. You can catch last weeks article on T>I’s Circuit EP Part 1. With a free tune in the midst of this major release on the Serial Killaz digital. I will be covering all of it. Recapping last weeks release number one draft pick at ‘Them Bells’.

The latest full from T>I is no different, other than that it is FREE. That’s right mates, right here.
Break Even

This man is paving the path for a new sound. I feel as if it truly is the definition of ‘Jungle Drum & Bass’. One would argue that the lack of amens would merit that it is not Jungle music. Well as I can not help the way you perceive sound with whatever label you wish to brand it I tell you this. Those bongo’s on the intro tell me with the right organization of individuals, war paint and anything else that is needed to summon the sleeping giants.. shift tides.. do the robot. If this caught your attention smash that mother fucking purchase button for the low(free).

Now this is, the tune of the release. As I would love to quote myself this is “The One”. ‘Let It Roll’ is it. Peroid, end of story. Tuna so large that it gets a full media player to contain it.
Let It Roll

With just the right amount of percussion to keep the momentum going, stationary drums are so 2015. The switch on the intro giving you the dancefloor switch that your set just might need after some power vocals, or some two thousand something Chase & Status throwback. But along with this is the rest of the release below, I hope you enjoyed these tunes as much as I have. The entirety the release actually.

Peace out, yo.

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