T>I – Circuits Part 1 EP [Serial Killaz]

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I become very proud, or fond of the relationships I build with artists through their music. I do believe that can be very personal for an individual because “sound” breaks language barriers. While some relationships with some drum and bass artist may have been strong 3, 4 or even 6 years ago and dwindled down over time. For reasons more than one, could be I was no longer interested in the sound they once produced over the direction they took their sound of course. For reasoning like that and such a weird introduction to a tune review is exactly why I write this. T>I is one whom may have been on some peoples radar but not on others. Fact of the matter he should be on everyones radar, he’s on Serial Killaz digital imptrint that’s for sure with his latest two part release Circuits EP.. or is it an LP because it’s +4 tunes, I’m over technicalities. T>I has defined his sound in the last year piling out releases as early as 2014. A year later, I scream to the world on atop of the roofs, the word “definition”.
Ed Solo & Brockie – Turtable 1 (T>I Remix)

In one mans opinion, which would be mine. I say this is jungle music for the 22nd century. Still taking you to deep and dark ends of the spectrum without giving you an overwhelming sensation of clash, a description such as ‘Jungle Drum And Bass’ if you will. Letting the percussion of a big drum big bass roller take you there. I advert my number one draft pick if I was forced to do so.
Them Bells

Coming in immediately after as followed by the entirety of this release below!

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