T>I – The Gorgon VIP / Snooper Remix [Murky Digital]

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Tunes

Captain’s log day ten. Best Drum And Bass. I just might be the only person speaking for the man but his music is the truth. Excluding his releases on iTunes labels because I don’t have an apple account I quite literally own everything T>I‘s produced.. and then some. Making its way into my rekordbox collection, recently released VIP to “Gorgon” and the remix to Damage Report‘s “Snooper” out now on Murky Digital.

The Gorgon VIP By, T>I – Murky Digital

One of the nastiest revisits to any of T>I’s bits it is no wonder that its home to Murky. The syncopation of beats is enough to spark an interest in someone who is in favor of sound clash while a heady bassline aimed specifically at the dance floor crew. Proving that soundscape doesn’t have to be complicated in order for it to be a tune. In fact if you ask me the less complicated production stylings are more my favor. Seeing how I’m not an audio engineer by any means complexity in a tune will actual turn me away from it. Assuming that is why I enjoy Mr. South’s releases quite a bit. On the not so murky side of tings we have his remix of Damage Report’s “Snooper“. More of a filler if you ask me, but a tune none the less. This bouncy roller is sure to get a response from the dance floor crew. But don’t let me decide that for you, cart this release immediately!

Snooper (Remix) By, T>I – Murky Digital

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