T>I – Rollage EP [Natty Dub]

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Barbarian sounds from the Natty Dub jungle camp. T>I, is he man? Or machine. I’ve been talking about the don since his 2 part release on Serial Killaz titled Circuits. Ever since then tunes have been coming out left and right. Collaborations, remixes and originals, there is no sound that T>I hasn’t left his mark on. As we patiently wait for the release of the “Johny Was” remix…. that is getting a release right? Here is the mans latest release on Natty Dub.

Absence, By T>I – Rollage EP – Natty Dub

I will never call anything this man produces anything other than jungle drum and bass. That is exactly what it is and exactly what I’m looking for these days. Adding to the forever collection of T>I bits I own this man will single-handedly break my bank account. Bongos, pots and pants. Choice vocal sample per usual. This one was an instant bin. Make no mistake, buy all T>I audio.

Rollin With The Nines, By T>I – Rollage EP – Natty Dub

Rolling with them nines is more like it, this is one heavy piece of weaponry. Locked, loaded in the player and cued up for the head nod crew. One of the deeper riddims off this six track heavyweight digital. With a slight touch of eerie that reminds of “Them Bells” and “Minimal Genercide”. “Rollin With The Nines” must be binned immediately. While the remainder of this release can be found below. Rating and comment section is down below to let us know how you feel about this release!

Permanent Marker, By T>I – Rollage EP – Natty Dub

Don’t Stop, By T>I – Rollage EP – Natty Dub

Thresh Hold, By T>I – Rollage EP – Natty Dub

Move On, By T>I – Rollage EP – Natty Dub

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