Tim Reaper, Ontology, & Dwarde – Outta Mind [Maximum Airtime]

by | Jul 6, 2024 | Reviews, Tunes

Ready for another stand out Jungle release? This will be no exception to the flawless sound design that’s so well known when it comes to Tim Reaper, Ontology, & Dwarde.

DIY Grassroots label Maximum Airtime’s newest release, “Outta Mind,” is a Jungle collab from Tim Reaper, Ontology, & Dwarde. Tim Reaper, already well known through Future Retro London joins Ontology (Nashville, TN) and Dwarde (UK), two hard hitting producers who are both consistently keeping the Jungle sound not only alive, but truly thriving. This latest release is yet another testament that Jungle is here, has always been, and will always be. From the start, it’s rolling intro builds with an R&B vocal sample complete with summer vibes. It evolves seamlessly and is crafted with well timed drops and builds that maintain momentum throughout. It does not mess around. The bassline is huuuuge and immediately grabs you and supports the energetic atmosphere of this tune, providing a grounding force that maintains the groove. It creates a frenetic energy that makes it near impossible not to feel it within you and make you want to get up and dance. The layered breaks are chaotic, yet cohesive, and will absolutely demand that rewind.

Trust me, “Outta Mind” doesn’t discriminate, whether Jungle is your go to, or its another sub genre that feeds your soul. It’ll have everyone moving, no matter where you are – the dancefloor, your car, even the street. Don’t miss out on this release.

Buy this tune on Bandcamp: https://timreaper.bandcamp.com/track/outta-mind

Check out Tim Reaper on #Soundcloud  https://on.soundcloud.com/ZonVP

Check out ontology on #SoundCloud

Check out Dwarde / Highrise on #SoundCloud https://on.soundcloud.com/5s5sQ


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