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With only 18 years, TNTKLZ is becoming one of the most prominents producers coming out of Yekaterinburg / Russia. With big releases on Druid Records, Close 2 Death and Black Panther Recordings, this young fella is a must to keep an eye on 2021.

This time the German based Label HANZOM MUSIC (founded by DJ Badlokk in 2018) is giving
” Breakup Ep ” the chance to show talent to a bigger audience. With 4 banger Neurofunk tracks that will blast your stereo with full force.

Opening the Ep we have “The Bash” a track where I really love the mystic intro keeping that robotic movie theme in between arpeggiators and gloomy pads. The voice somehow  somehow makes me think i’m in a back alley  looking for trouble ha! of course a build up with filters up that smashes into a wobbly bassline that along with a razor stab synth brings high energy to all the dancefloor.

Then going without much decoration on the intro and keeping the formula for the drop comes “Stagger” a juicy track till the end, where a wobble bassline guides the rhythm along few glitches and breaks but with special character on the next 32 bars with a floating sub that will make the whole club levitate. 

Giving name to the Ep “Breakup” will melt your brain beat by beat. You can actually feel it when the filters slide up and let the whole Synths open right before it blasts with a characteristic voice that reminds me of a mad scientist. Which of course, takes us to a really nasty drop impulsed by a growl bass that gets a melodic line on the sideway,

To me this track is the ep finest, a creepy intro with dark pads to start an ambient with a voice that easily could belong to Golum. Slowly starts rising up until it drops into a deep roller but with a neuro base that will make you vibe from the start. “Creep Up” really good work on the synths and chops that build the drop.

A big chance for TNTKLZ to make part of the HANZOM MUSIC family, who has been growing really fast in the past 2 years opening a place for new producers with killer tunes.


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Mind Haze

Colombian Drum and Bass producer influenced by the broken sounds of Punk and Metal who had the opportunity to share the stage with producers such as ... The Prototypes, Hallucinator, Crissy Criss, Cooh, DJ SS, Drumsound & BasslineSmith, Jade, Modified Motion, Aeph, NC -17 and more, participating in events such as the World of Drum & Bass (Miami) PRSPCT night in Colombia or The Hangover in Venezuela. After being interested in sound design in 2018, he concentrated intensely on audiovisual production and toured Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile with the Killerdrumz collective. Signed to Invasion Recordings (Russia) Promo Audio Recordings (Brazil) Mas Bass Records (Colombia)