Tobax – ‘Blasters & Flowers EP’ [Neuropunk Records]

by | May 23, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Tobax is charging back into the spotlight releasing his first EP in 3 years with ‘Blasters & Flowers’ on Neuropunk Records. Well worth the wait I hope you’re ready for a heavy dose of ‘in your face’ drum and bass with this 4 track EP that flows consistently with the most wicked beats and rumbling basslines. Let’s get right inside the ‘Blasters & Flowers EP’ from Tobax and see what he’s firing up!


The highs twinkle through the build caressing the intro with a serene softness as the beats begin to drive in over deep synths bubbling from the darkest depths. Winding up furiously the drop snaps in fast with a sinister delay to tease the mix. Brutality unfolds as banging beats flow with a full bass design to plump it all up. A short break leaves little room to rest as Tobax brings it right back into the thicket of the composition and neurofunkin energy spills over the brim. “Blasters & Flowers” is the burly banger that will get the floor moving non-stop.


A groovy melody frolics through the build plucking low tones as the beats begin to grow, filling the composition through the gnarly flow. A vocal narrative breaks the form before tumbling violently into the drop. Elastic beats bend through time riding steady then whipping and flipping, painting the composition with their punchy thump. The bassline bubbles along as it stutters through the groove harboring a dark and futile mood. Tobax brings a boost to “Time Illusion” amping up the second drop keeping the mix flowing and the energy to the top!


Mysterious beats bewilder the build as they pop and gurgle from the shadows, slinking and squalling to the drop. Angelic atmospherics warm the composition up as the rhythm grows beyond control forming into a lively, animated track that keeps the mix in the mood. The beats fly furiously with mechanical madness stomping through the mix as the bass springs in reply with every hit. Technically mastered Tobax brings the grime winding a delicate balance in the background that filters through the track. “Vibrance” is edgy and fun, it keeps the energy on the run!


A forbidding rhythm marches through the build keeping the momentum rolling to the drop with an eerie essence as the mood breaks and the bass swirls through smashing into the savagery, a full “Immersion” into the tune. An angry composition unfolds with aggressive beats flowing, bending and breaking amidst a big bad bassline that morphs, twists and flips carrying its caustic carnage through the song as it flows along. A soft break lightens the blow but the second drop is ready to GO with a boost to the brutality and a seriously sinister twist that can’t be missed!

Grab the ‘Blasters & Flowers EP’ from Tobax on Neuropunk Records it’s out NOW! CLICK HERE

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