Tobax ‘Frenemies EP’ [Eatbrain]


The latest installment from Tobax is ready to annihilate the sound waves this week as the ‘Frenemies EP’ drops on Eatbrain full of high energy, in your face drum and bass. It’s clear to see why Tobax is becoming a household name when it comes to neurofunk dnb, breaking boundaries with track after track of the heaviest heart stopping beats. Take a listen at the fury about to be unleashed as ‘Frenemies’ rips into the scene.

Opening the ‘Frenemies EP’ “Ghost Town” floats in upon synths and keys as Tobax initiates an eerie composition to set the tone for a sinister smash as bass screams in through the haze increasing the intensity while the beat flows, unrestrained. An erroneous drop will freeze the floor making way for a crazy carnival of sounds to take the stage. Hard hitting snares fire wildly in part with hair-raising high ends over surreal earth shattering basslines and menacing effects as “Ghost Town” creatively breaks and bends winding up to an intense breakdown. Chillingly orchestrated vocalizations shatter the silence while ghost town rebuilds to reincarnate the energy into the second half of the tune. A sure-fire selection to possess the floor “Ghost Town” is going to bring the bounce.
A fiery, passionate verse from MC Kryptomedic explodes through the intro full of attitude on title track “Frenemies”, a moody temperamental tune from Tobax. The powerful lyrics ingrained between punchy kicks and reckless basslines resonate as we tumble into an overcharged, volatile drop that whips every which way. A brilliant blend of immense layering providing deep contrast climbing and tumbling between the highs and lows as “Frenemies” pounds and flows relentlessly over bouncy basslines, rubbery and elastic, as the snares smash and slap in a fierce battle when the verse cuts back in. A bonus instrumental version of “Frenemies” possesses the same intensity and make sure you let it ride straight through the end the last few seconds are the final nail in the coffin for this killer track.
“Twelve Inches” dials it back to wrap up the ‘Frenemies EP’ with a light twang as strings chime in harmonizing with mellow beats and soft synths but the peace is only temporary as danger lurks within. The beat kicks in bringing the rhythm to life amidst low demonic growls to amplify the pulse. An enraged drum roll carries to the barbaric drop erupting in an unforeseen frenzy of elastic basslines and raging hard kicks to shatter the system. A mid bridge break offers a mysterious vocal and a minute to breathe before the beast barges back in pummeling to the break. “Twelve Inches” is yet another impressive installment on the ‘Frenemies EP’ from Tobax to get the room banging their heads. A creatively complete collection of turbulent tracks this EP is fit for the serious neurofunk DJ arsenal.

Coming June 26th 2020 pre-order your copy of the ‘Frenemies EP’ from Tobax on Beatport now!

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