Tobax – Orbital Cold

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Tunes

There’s a storm brewing over at the Titan Records HQ and i have a feeling Tobax’s forthcoming
release has got something to do with it… Titan Records is home to many heavyweight producers this time is no different.

Starting the tune off with a cold atmosphere and stabbing techy synth which leads into a Sci fi vocal sample that sets the mood perfectly, you can feel the tension creeping into the intros drop. A new synth is introduced in the form of a nearly vocalized ribbit from a mechanical frog of sorts. The tune drops into a steppy armageddon of laser sharp synth stabs and an onslaught of fierce percussion. Nothing short of an absolute dance floor smasher.

This tune is most certainly going in my bag and will be played in my upcoming sets!
Titan records proving once again that its a forced to be reckon with in the bangers release department be sure to grab this one its certainly not to be missed.
Forthcoming Titan Records sometime soon!

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