Todd Buchler – The Ch’i 2016 Remix [Nervosa]

by | Sep 10, 2016 | Tunes

It was a rainy Tuesday in 2001, and I had just finished playing a weekly party in New York City and was walking out with the promoter and he hands me a CD and it just said “Chi” on it. He tells me it is this new guy named Todd Buchler and it is out of control. I was playing a grip of upfront, really hard techy Drum and Bass at the time and was looking forward to checking out the new music. We get in his car and load up the CD. The original Chi came over the speakers and I was hooked. I was in DC the next night, and as soon as I got off the train I sent the CD off to get cut on plate. This tune was legendary. A few months pass by and one day in the mail was a white label with a red Chinese character on it and “Chi” written humbly across the bottom section of the label. I rinsed that plate and white label respectively for almost two years straight. Every gig, rinsing it and just doing as much damage as I could with it.

Now in 2016, this underground behemoth of a tune is getting a refix and slight up date for 2016. This may be my favorite version of this one yet. Pure damage. This is not for the happy go lucky massive. This is grit, drive, tearing, blistering breakbeat damage. There is no middle ground on this one. Full on for the whole duration. Strap in, load it up, and try to hold on. Amen work outs for those that can not get enough chopped up breaks. Add that its out on NERVOSA and you know its a winner!

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