Together With Ukraine!


Within the past week people from around the world are witnessing high scale humanitarian crisis. The assault on Ukrainian people is getting worse everyday. That’s why today we are bring light to a way to help those people. Together With Ukraine is a release of 136 songs, Brought together by labels such Hospital Records, Ram Records, Shogun Audio and plenty more. Drum and Bass artist from around of all types have joined to put together this special and massive compilation. Sending love and much needed help to the people of Ukraine through so many styles and vibes. It is incredible to see all walks of Drum and Bass life going in on this. Some of these artists are never seen in the same release making it a one of a kind.

The love we share in this Drum and Bass family is limitless concerning our fellow human beings. So lets keep sending that love to people who need it! All artist and people involved have offered their services free of charge. All revenue generated will be donated directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. For the small price of $16.31 you can purchase this supportive release. So we encourage everyone to give generously. Please donate a higher amount if you have the means to do so.


About Author

I am a Drum and Bass DJ and Producer based in Laredo TX. Looking to spread the vibe to people who love Drum and Bass music. I've been inspired by the likes of 90's alternative rock and Electronic music and have been DJ/Producing since 2019.