Tomoyoshi – Forbidden Room Remix EP [Mutated Resonance]

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First time covering a Mutated Resonance release and have mercy it is a big one. Tomoyoshi is a house hold name to anyone that is on top of the current scene of releases in the world of Jump Up Drum And Bass. If you’re in the scene you know his name pops up regularly, back a few months in the DS2B and AOR April exclusive mix his “Daydream” roller got the rinse and shared as a free download around the same time. So big on Mutated Resonance for hosting this absolutely necessary remix competition.

Forbidden Room VIP – MR017 – Mutated Resonance

Forbidden Room Deuce Remix – MR017 – Mutated Resonance

These remixes are no joke and have you heard some of the other non-contest winners like Falco? It is entirely obvious why the chosen ones are indeed just that. Sota‘s remix is easily my favourite rework of Tomoyoshi‘s Forbidden Room. It is sublte but still has momentum, at the very least enough to get you bobbin at your computer seat. Duece’s remix has a nice full and rich bass line and just the slightest hint at an amen break with a midrange synth that roars at the a speed of a transformer malfunctioning. Yours Truly takes us back to drum and bass thats full from start to finish. Dramatic cinematic intro, shakers toms and clicks on percussion but the drums just slap so hard out of the three this might just be the dance floor roller you are looking for. But do not let these remixes take away from the variant in production, Tomoyoshi’s VIP for ‘Forbidden Room’ is just as good as the original if not better but hey, I am not complaining. For a competition on a record label I originally knew nothing about, to grabbing everything on their entire catalog. Make no mistake, grab this release when it hits the shelves June 15th, 2018.

Forbidden Room Sota Remix – MR017 – Mutated Resonance

Forbidden Room Yours Truly Remix – MR017 – Mutated Resonance

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