The Top 10 Dancefloor Tunes Of 2017

by | Jan 20, 2018 | News, Spotlight, Tunes

I know a lot of us may want to forget 2017, but that’s too bad.

It really can’t go without mention that 2017 turned out some of the most memorable and most energetic tunes yet– but, if we’re honest, the very best were dancefloor.

Here are the tunes that came up on top:

1. The Prototypes – Levelz (Feat. Mad Hed City)

If there ever was a single go-to model for the perfect dancefloor drum and bass banger, “Levelz” is indeed “That Tune.” When The Prototypes launched GetHype Recordings, they obviously intended to live up to the name. If this track doesn’t launch you into a near fist-pumping bro level of hype, send yourself to the hospital and ask the doctor what is wrong with you.

2. ShockOne – A Dark Machine (Feat. Reija Lee)

I have played this on every single episode of my podcast since I discovered it, and guess what– I’m not sorry. This gorgeous and incredibly well-composed tune is the most beautiful dancefloor tune of the year, and I’m not ashamed to have infected almost all of my friends and listeners with those perfect vocals by Reija Lee.

3. Delta Heavy – Gargantua

I’d recognize this tune anywhere. “Gargantua” is surely one of the most played out tunes of 2017, and for good reason. This apocalyptic smasher of a tune takes you on an incredible ride from start to finish.

4. Mind Vortex – Future Fold VIP

A new twist on one of Mind Vortex’s best tunes to date? Thank 2017 for that. A little bit of attitude was exactly what this tune needed, and Mind Vortex gave it to us. Just when you think the perfect tune couldn’t be improved upon, this VIP will prove you wrong.

5. Dimension – Generator/Beg & Borrow

Yeah, I’m cheating on this one. This entire release deserves the highlight. These two tunes from Dimension are great for two distinct reasons– “Generator” reaches a symphony orchestra-level of beauty and complexity, and “Beg & Borrow” stands as the perfect, clean (yet filthy) party tune. Both tunes had vocals that stuck in your head, and there’s nothing I love more than that.

6. Friction – Mad In the Jungle

Hands down the best summer festival number of the year. This was a huge staple in my festival run, and for good reason. This modest but powerful tune captures an absolutely serene vibe, and I think we all needed it.

7. DC Breaks – Underground

You know those tunes that just make you screw your entire face up when you hear them? “Underground” is one of those tunes. This filthy banger shines the brightest out of the array of stellar tunes from DC Breaks this year.

8. Culture Shock – Bunker

“Bunker” capped off 2017 with a bang. The syncopated, woodblock rhythm is straight up groovy, and the variation throughout the tune keeps you guessing. This dark number will send you into a trance, no doubt about it.

9. Loadstar – Run Down (Control)

Loadstar pushed out a lot of consistently solid tunes this year, but “Run Down” is a winner. This tune holds one of my favorite intros of the year– one that effortlessly sweeps you up into the tune. No beat is out of place in this one, and the concept makes perfect sense from start to finish.

10. Mob Tactics – Fatal Attraction (Feat. Joanna Syze)

Finally, we have a release from my favorite husband and wife duo, Luke and Joanna– but don’t forget about Mark’s work too. With a voice that stands out from the rest, Joanna gives us vocals that are haunting and powerful– a perfect compliment to the powerful sounds of Mob Tactics.


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