Top 5 Big Tunas! March 1st-7th!

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As the northern hemisphere is heating up and trying to fend off whats left of winter some of the best Drum And Bass artists are cooking up some heat to rise up the temp’s on and off the dancefloor! 2018 so far has been a great year of innovative sound design and creativity all across the board in every single sub genre of our beloved music. With classics being brought into modern times and contemporary styles evolving at a rapid rate the scene is in a hyper progression ahead of its peers. There is no shortage of incredible music being released into the world and today we are going to help you navigate some of it!

#1. Cyantific – Body Movin’

First up is the brilliant neon light badman Cyantific in joint collaboration with Australia’s own Shockone! Body Movin brings the vibe to 100 and keeps it there with electrifying leads and with wonderfully melodic tones sprinkled with touches of retro inspired sounds.

#2 Cooh & L33 – Broken

What happens when you have two  heavy hitting Bulgarian bad boys in the studio together? The results are behemoth! Two of Europes long time Neuro-sculptors have done it again on the mighty Othercide Records with a smashing double. Broken is my favorite cut off it bringing some destructive and lively sounds into the field. This ones sure to tear down the roof wherever it is unleashed.

#3 Jade & Mindscape – Outlaw

Eatbrain is bringing the fury with the forthcoming Divergence LP. Chock full of cutting edge sonic weaponry in the form of 17 laser sharp tracks that showcase the cutting edge of neurofunk at this moment! Some of the biggest names in the game are featured on the Divergence LP. Outlaw is the combinded effort of the Don’s Jade & Mindscape to create a shredding full force tune.

#4 Vici – Glow.

Hyperactivity music bringing some serious stepping vibes with the forthcoming release of Vici’s latest tunes. Glow brings a snapping percussion with intrinsically programmed fills and contemporary sounds to a magnificent all around balanced hot dancefloor igniter.


#5 Universal Project – Haunted Dreams – Stealth Remix.

One of the early 2000’s hottest tech tunes back in the days relicked by an absolute remix master Stealth has been unhinged in the world. Stealth is one of my favorite remixers who always just brings that extra little flair to classics. This time is no different. Stealth smashed it on this one. This one is out now. Give it a listen here.

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