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by | Jun 7, 2019 | News, Spotlight, Tunes

Spring has come and gone in the northern hemisphere and the tunes much like the weather are getting hotter. Lets take a look into some of the tunes to hit the scene so far this month.

#1 Nymfo – A.F.C

Nymfo is back with some brilliantly executed contemporary rolling action with this release. Nymfo’s consistency has been nothing short of legendary throughout the years and retains the bar of excellence.

#2 Pseudoscience Recordings –  Disinformation EP 

Hybris’s own imprint Pseudo keeping the quality high with technical sci fi environments and carefully programmed beats on all releases this far. If your

#3 In:Most – Bonsai/Fade Out ft. Tempza & Walk:r

Soulvent kicking off the summer with a dark and gritty vocal driven roller that keeps the vibes on lock.


#4 Dossa & Locuzzed – Off Course / Get Nasty

Dossa & Locuzzed continue their pop funk dance-floor domination with another fantastic installment on Viper Recordings. Perfect to get the mood buzzing in the hot summer sun with Off Course. The B side keeps the funk alive but has a grittier groove in between to round off this release.

#5 InsideInfo – Airwaves (Feat Rhymestar)

The Man, The Myth, The Legend that is Insideinfo delivers a BPM changing belter with Airwaves paying homage to pirate radio with surprising twists and turns all throughout.

#6 EATBRAIN083 / State Of Mind Remixed

The undisputed champs of neurofunk are back with some MASSIVE remixes from some of the sounds leading pioneers of funk.

#7 Polygon – The Machine

Korsakov & Polygon deliver an absolutely bone chilling, electrifying dancefloor smasher. The atompshere is turned up to 11 as thick leads saturate the air with triumphant tones and crushing percussion.

#8 Satl Braveheart

Satl & Sun and bass team up for stunning contemporary display of modern and forward thinking rolling drum and bass material.


#9 Bensley – One Last Chance Remix

The young Canadian prodigy Bensley delivers gorgeous rework of his track ” One Last Chance ” on Ram Records. Keeping the remix a little more firmly planted on a dancefloor groove, Bensleys signature ethereal sound design paired with brilliant saxophones to that dance in the soundscape will guarantee grab your attention and keep it glued throughout the track.

#10 Malux – Vaporise

Malux continues his path of cutting edge sound design wizardry with his latest release on the mighty bad taste recordings.


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