Top Ten Tunes You Should Be Playing This Week


Spring has sprung and so has an absurd amount of quality DNB releases thus far. Lets take a look into some of the scene’s top cuts at the moment.

#1. Bensley – Kilauea (RAM)

Bensley is one of the few thinking extremely far outside of the box in D&B at the moment and it really shines with this one. This single starts with the tone of beach side ukulele strumming in the ocean breeze before a bone chilling assortment of neo primitive and ethereal sounds make their way into the horizon before dropping into a lost-in-space vibe’d out main phrase. The primal chants echo deep into soul as clever winding break fills run their course.

#2. Kings Of The Rollers LP ( Hospital )

If you like your high’s real high and your low’s absolutely as low humanly possible then look no further then KOTR’s debut album. Serum, Bladerunner & Voltage are all legends in their own right with a gargantuan back-cat of huge tunes spanning an easy 3 decades combined. This ones a no brainer for nearly every type of DJ in the scene as the one has enough flavour for everyone.

#3 Ulterior Motive’s GDNCE 006  (Guidance)

Fans of darker stylers and tech rejoice for one of the all time naughtiest production outfits have returned with their first new EP  in nearly two years. This one brings the vibes to an entirely different level of filth. 7×7’s intro with growling reese encapsulates the listen before slingshotting into an all out onslaught of full time percussion and clever ever evolving groove with every phrase.

#4 S.P.Y – Dubplate Style LP (Hospital)

S.P.Y is a vastly versatile and relentless producer. Having just released ” Dubplate Style ” a massive undertaking of his studio skills this ones an essential track for the crates.

#5 Bungle – Automated (Dirty Hole)

Brazilian badboy Bungle Is back with another offering of intellectual drum and bass mastery. This time around he’s on Dirty Hole Music, if your not keeping your eye on bungle who releases with a multitude of smaller labels you may miss some cuts. If its not more apparent now than ever Bungle is at the high table of his class and with tunes like this its easy to see why. Brilliant Stabs, percussive work with an evolving flow of cheeky fill’s to keep it fresh.

#6. ChaseR – Avalanche (Program)

Its wonderful to see the progression of sound from up and comers and ChaseR being one of my favorites whose broadened their production skills like a sword releasing on Program. This ones a well rounded but more Neuro oriented tune which can offer quite the energy to a mix.

#7 Dilemma – Gone Too Soon

Rounding out the selection with some chilled out rolling liquid vibes with lovely and lush vocals!

#8. Cyantific x Eudaimonia – 4 Years

The neon-clad producer Cyantific keeps the ball rolling with some serious nostalgic vibes with an added pop flair with is perfect for festival season.

#9 Walk:r feat. Roxi Yung – Blue Soul (Particle Remix)

Just incase you’ve been living under a rock or caught up in a busy work year, you may or may not have caught wind of one of the sickest producers whose tunes are doing large amounts of damage around the global scene. WIth his latest release on critical Particle comes strong with a behemoth remix on Skankandbass. Particle has been infusing new school sound design with foundation jungle vibes recently and the hard work has been paying off.

#10 CNVX012 – Need For Mirrors – Cactus EP 

Last but not least we have Need For Mirrors whose had an astonishing past year with a seemingly never ending stream of ridiculously high quality tunes. Each release different from the other NFM has been flexing his versatile production capabilities like no other. This release on CNVX displays his exploration through new sounds and keeps that signature mysterious and theatrical NFM vibe that makes his tunes so special.


Thats all for this week! Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far!






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