Toss-T Interview (May 2021)


An up & comer with a great attitude and bright future, Toss-T makes his mark with his willful sounds. Toss-T’s Best Drum & Bass intro starts now!

Q: Introduce yourself and tell us a bit of the history behind Toss-T:

A: Hi there DnB heads. I’m Jeroen Brzoskowski better known as Toss-T among my mates. I’m from Tilburg, the Netherlands. When I’m not producing music I’m doing synthesis in a biochemistry lab, throwing together small building blocks and crafting things that in the end hopefully help people live a happier life. There are a lot of parallels to be found in my scientific and creative endeavors, my favorite one is that the act of self-indulgent experimentation also can create something valuable for others.

Q: Where did you get your artist name from?:

A: As you can see I’ve got a pretty uncommon surname for a Dutchman, as a result, people found it easier to just call me ‘Tosti’ (which means grilled-cheese-sandwich in Dutch xD).

When I started out producing I was at some point no longer introducing myself as Jeroen to those around me, so I took my now cemented nickname, kept the phonetic sound of it and made it a bit easier to interpret outside of the Netherlands, and thus ‘Toss-T’ was born.

Q: What was your first experience with Drum and Bass like?:

A: The first one I can remember is going to the Liquicity Summer Festival over here in the Netherlands, man that was such a great vibe. Really nice energetic tunes, awesome weather, and your mates, chilling in the grass or frantically dancing their feet off, can’t help but falling in love with that sound there and then.

Q: How did you get into producing?

A: Like many, I’ve entered DnB as someone who’s into the Rock and Metal scene. As a teenager, I used to record these horrible videos of myself rocking out with my guitar and bass to my favorite tunes.

Soon I found out that recording an amp with the internal mic of your camera wasn’t the brightest idea. A mate of mine was making some early Riddim and got me a copy of Cubase 5 and a simple interface which I played around with, eventually finding my way into the DnB genre after that dope summer festival.

Q: What is you’re biggest break / thing you are most thankful for to date in your music career?:

A: Having Degs play my collab, Impatient, with Rubix on his podcast was a massive hype moment for me.

Most thankful of the awesome people that I’ve got to meet (and work with) due to this music. Can’t shout them all out but big up’s to all the Thinkbreakers for their support, vibes, and great feedback session we do every 2 weeks.

Also can’t thank Karan (K2T) and Wil (Theatrix) enough for all their help with becoming the producer I am today.

On a more rock and roll note, all the fires, mosh pits, and weird places my bands got me were wicked as well, peaking with that time we gigged for about 3500 people who were jumping with us and tearing the place apart while dancing with us for hours.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming release(s):

A: For my upcoming release I’ve combined that love for Rock with my experimental side. On the first track, we’re exploring what it means to be Human and strive to become something new and improved. Representing this is the balancing of organic instruments such as guitars and orchestral strings with the synthetic synth riffs into something harmonious and new. This process can be both destructive and beautiful, symbolized by the aggressive undertones and serene atmospheres in the track.

Then on Rejuvenate (Divination Recordings), instead of exploring ourselves, we look out to the world for inspiration. Over here in the Netherlands I rarely, if ever, see and hear a Koto.

On this tune, I’ve decided to do something different and let this Japanese string instrument take the lead, accompanied by some more familiar timbres such as a Rickenbacker bass and the Think break it sounds energetic and invigorating to my ears.

Q: What is one dnb track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?:

A: The cliché thing to say would be tunes by Pendulum. Besides that, I can listen to Ghost Assassin by Maduk and Veela over and over again, as well as Final Hours by Mitekiss.

Q: Who are some of your favorite Drum & Bass artists? Labels?:

A: Artists: Maduk, T & Sugah, Pendulum, Winslow, Echo Motion, Colossus
Labels: Liquicity, Divination, Bay 6, Detached Audio

Q: Name an artist you would like to work with in the future. Why them?

A: Making a tune with Maduk and Veela would get me full circle, which would be pretty cool ^^

Q: Share with us a tune that you are proud of:

A: Together with MrBurntYoghurt I managed to make a pretty uplifting liquid tune called ‘Hummingbird’. I’m very proud of the vibe we got going on that one ^^

Q: Let’s say you’re playing a b2b set with a homie. Who are you calling?:

A: This would totally be MrBurntYoghurt as well, that dude’s got wicked deck skills and an insanely big collection of tunes that he knows everything about.

Q: What is one D&B subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

A: Not really a subgenre, but I do think it’d be cool if more people would get into recording themselves. With so many folks playing instruments I’d be very happy to hear some more of that back in their tunes.

Q: Any American dnb artists or labels you would like to mention? :

A: It’s been a pleasure meeting Winslow on Reddit and following his journey from self-releasing and his early YouTube vids, all the way to him having tunes on Hospital and DJing for them from his backyard. Big ups to Harry R4NSOM as well, he somehow seems to know everyone in the US that ever has done any DnB related thing 😛






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With at first being a Drum & Bass connoisseur, I inevitably became an artist; establishing my own selections and style of heavy, dark, & chaotic neuro. Taking initiative, I started the #TeamNeuro project; rallying dnb artists from state-side to across the globe in support of the genre as whole -Humbly breaking the barriers/limits as an American.