Total Recall – Shadow Hunters EP [Digital Terror Records]


Birmingham’s Total Recall (AKA Darren Marsh) has a knack for drum and bass music. Early in his career, he caught the attention of the likes of Hazard, Marky and Hype who have all heavily rinsed and released his music on their labels. As a DJ, he is famed across Europe with appearances at dances from Hospitality to Raveology. He’s established himself on the legendary Full Cycle imprint and now he is making his debut with Digital Terror Records.

Following substantial releases on key labels this year and previously topping the Juno Download charts, each track was written during the first wave of lockdown as he took to the studio to make sense of this scary new world and its tragic global losses.

The ‘Shadow Hunters’ EP is a testament to darkness.

The title track, ‘Shadow Hunters‘ sets you up to be teed off by TR’s dark and funky arsenal of switching beats, brooding bass, and orchestral hits to get you moving. Darkness enshrouds you while the orchestral hits push you further into the shadows. The switches keep it freshly transitioning through styles with drums cracking while the bass is coming through the floorboards. This is what being a shadow hunter is all about.

Fubar‘ is like a crash landing into a wicked wobblefest that shows off his playful side. The bass is mind-bending with technical breaks cutting up the track. ‘Enchantress‘ and ‘Thirteen Stars‘ depict an even darker, more brooding representation of his sound. The latter being a refreshing tune filled with groovy basslines and melancholy strings.

Total Recall has successfully encapsulated the frustrations, anger and raw emotion of this year in a beautiful way. With new material dropping over the course of the next few months, Total Recall should definitely be on your radar.

Total Recall – Shadow Hunters EP is available now.

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Los Angeles-based Composure takes his first steps on his journey to serve the drum and bass gods. Repping Drumz and Divination Recordings, his foundation is built on both deep-rooted underground history as well as its infinite potential. Having played stages at several notable events in the Southern California area, he is also stepping up and cutting his teeth as a producer and is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.