Traced ‘Equinox EP’ [Kill Tomorrow]


2020 hit like a freight train shattering our expectations and filling our crates with the most satisfying drum and bass. If you missed my recap last week you should give that a peek because now it is time to keep chugging forward into 2021 as the hits keep rolling out like clockwork.

The outlets are flooded with the evolving sounds of drum and bass as we’ve already seen some major releases this year. Next up get ready for this monster EP coming from Traced next week on Kill Tomorrow. The ‘Equinox EP’ delivers a solid set in killer style full of blasting basslines and innovative sounds. Let’s take a closer look at how we’re rolling into ’21 with the best in Neurofunk DNB.

Title track from the EP “Equinox” sets the tone in a big way. Booming beats kick in as the highs play over warm synths engulfing the mind as angelic chords echo elegantly swirling to the drop as the snares intensify swiftly about to pulverize the floor smashing into a hefty neuro dance floor hybrid. Upbeat synths sway amidst booming basslines and snappy snares to skyrocket the energy through the roof. Hints of the vocalization play in and out to maintain the luminosity blending the brutality of the neuro elements with the serene finesse of the dance floor vibe. “Equinox” is a perfect pick to snap your set into high gear and pairs well plenty of tunes in the mix making it a versatile selection to flow through the sub genres with ease.
“Just Close Your Eyes” keeps the momentum going easing in on harmonious keys and booming synths morphing into thunderous orchestrated sounds with supersonic basslines travelling through the build as the beat consumes the mix. Pulsating furiously toward the drop eventually amping the energy to a full bounce as it hits more intensely with every beat. Elastic basslines engulf the drop and it’s an all out assault from the drum patterns hitting hard and clean from every which way as the effects balance the mix and blow our minds. Masterful execution in production Traced utilizes change ups in the measures to keep “Just Close Your Eyes” fresh and flowing. Every listen reveals a new surprise from the lows to the mids to the highs these layers are tight and thick: this one absolutely BANGS!!!

Wrapping up the ‘Equinox EP’ is “Manipulate”. A somber beat bellows building the suspense amidst scary synths creating a bone chilling vibe as a vocal snippet cuts in straight from a horror scene. Escalating the terror the highs creep in intently consuming the mix ready for the big blow at the drop. Initiating the energy the basslines boom broken between crazily composed kicks and supersonic snares ravaging and raving through the mix, eating through every orpheus as “Manipulate” takes control, the effects running wild balancing the mix. A colorful breakdown brings a funky twist intensifying the insanity in preparation for the second drop. “Manipulate” is a monster of a track just as it seems intended to be and a devious addition to any neurofunk library.

Grab your copy of Traced ‘Equinox EP’ on Kill Tomorrow Janurary 18, 2021.



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