Trails – Frames EP [Flexout Audio]


This week is another deep dark and dirty dive into the world of the underground drum and bass scene. For this delicious section, we get a tasty EP from the French producer Trail. Based in Toulouse, Trail returns to Flexout Audio almost a year and a half later from his debut on the label with the classy Frames EP.

The title track Frames serves to be a glossy introduction to the EP. Serene would be the word to describe this track, opening with swirling pads and spacy ambiance that evokes images of the sea. With crips drums and a warm bassline, this liquid track is a combination of heavy but soft in a perfect mix. Accenting this track is amazing to work with the synths, with light feedback distortion on some parts and fantastic use of reverb that blends with the swirling pads.

True to its name, Pitch Dark is one hell of a dark tune. This track shows off Trail’s production handiwork with synthesis. Locking down crisp drums and a fat bassline opening the sonic space for Trail to play around. Between the shuffling drums dance contorted synths all modulated with reverb, echos, and effects in a nasty manner, giving the track some serious attitude.

If Pitch Black was about the synths, then Sanguma is all about the drums. With a droning bassline and picture-perfect atmosphere, the drums drive this track into overdrive. With layered hi-hats and crips snares, this track while retaining a deep feel still has a fast-paced vibe that is sure to perk up your heartbeat.

Tying this whole EP together in a perfect way is the closing track is White Goose. Seamlessly it combines everything about the EP into one track. Brimming with atmosphere found while twisted from the clever use of production that was found from Pitch Dark. All of this, mixed with excellent drums that drive this track in pristine form. These elements come together making a brilliant track that is all sorts of nasty.

The Frames EP proves to be a home run edition to Flexout Audio‘s catalog. With creative production sliced up into 4 different tracks, Trail is setting the pace for underground drum and bass for sure. Make sure you grab your copy today.


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