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Transforma has been at the forefront of drum and bass 2021 gracing our ears with the most intelligently focused and detailed music. A true master of his craft every tune while unique in its own respect is expertly engineered with the most complex style. The year isn’t over yet and Transforma still has more fury to release to the world of drum and bass connoisseurs. The ‘Quantum Leap EP’ landing this week on Code Smell Music just may be his most impressive work yet as Transforma continues to level up his skill set; a true Avant Garde when it comes to the evolution of this sound. Now it’s time to break apart the ‘Quantum Leap EP’ for a full dose of the power in store from Transforma on Code Smell.

“Nebula” and “Polaris” with Methis have already seen the light of day as a few tasty teasers from the ‘Quantum Leap EP’ and have been smashing the rave in true Transforma fashion the past few months.


“Nebula” caresses the build warmly as the highs bubble brilliantly between the darkest pads in a true state of euphoria as the beat begins to become more prevalent winding and stuttering toward the drop. Severely broken, mechanically infused drums drive the composition as potent pads push through and high end harmonics return to balance the mix, instigating the adrenaline to skyrocket to new heights slicing through the measures as the bass bounces in tandem. Interesting elements enhance the energy in this broken barrage of crisp cleanliness with comprehensive thought to structure and sound. “Nebula” is not for the novice this is intelligent music at its finest from Transforma.


“Polaris” with Methis is powerful in its own rite creeping through the build, the highs timidly pulsing between booming bass drops and breathable beats winding up to inflict total savagery seconds before the drop. Ready to blast off … and that’s exactly what “Polaris” is set to do in cataclysmic fashion as it womps and wallops at the drop; an elastic composition that whips and slaps, bounces and bends as it spirals through the phrases with powerfully broken aggression. Forcefully thick sounds paired with a master mix down supplies punchy potency as “Polaris” snaps through the mix. A dangerous second drop brings a neck-breaking halftime groove; Transforma’s “Polaris” with Methis is rave ready with murderously mean energy, you won’t want to miss this one!


An ominously orchestrated intro to the “Plagues VIP” dives deep into the darkness of mysterious musical madness, frothing and festering in pursuit of the drop. A captivating composition unfolds as blistering basslines pound between crisp, punchy snares and wild melodies that whip murderously through the measures. Continuing to flip and bend “Plagues VIP” clicks into hyper-drive with energy emitting from all angles only to switch and change once more propelling through the phrases with powerful percussion grinding through the mix. True artistry and deep roots in a musical background scream through Transforma’s style; a completely savage display of futuristic neroufunk visions.


Floating in on airy pads the build winds deep into the darkness on “Odyssey” with Bytecode  as a dismal drum line awaits, marching through the build in combative form engulfed by a symphony of sounds as melodies caress and kicks attack from all sides. The battle is about to ensue as callous basslines lash out ferociously fuming between severely severed beats in this brutally punchy ambush on the dance floor. Storming through the measures with an onslaught of aggression deep kettles boom amidst the fury as the energy recoils to hit once more. Transforma and Bytecode are creating a narrative through the song, beastly and barbaric “Odyssey” engrosses the listener in a drum and bass journey to another world.


Mystifying melodies climax through the build as Finalfix enters the ring alongside Transforma on “Zenith”. The beat awakens with vicious intent taking on its own monstrous grind a forewarning of the carnage to ensue at the drop. The bell tolls in a cautiously callous manner as doom is near tumbling into the drop bouncing through the battle as the beats smash and slash over a bassline that shreds. Extreme attention to detail in composition spanning fills, break patterning and effects enhances the mix making “Zenith” a lot of fun to play being brutally heavy yet balanced to add versatility to the mix in this proficiently designed weapon of sound.


Quite possibly one of the most fascinating pieces of music to surface in drum and bass this year Tranforma’s profound expertise in the philosophy of music brings a thoughtful, state of the art style to his compositions and overall sound. Somber synths cry out through the darkness as vivid vocalizations sparkle symbiotically with divine ambience carving a path into the uncharted, yet enchanted, territories of “Quantum Leap”. The beats begin to bubble assuming control as they thicken with intense technicality. The anticipation is nearing the peak when unexpectedly shatters into broken silence and manic vibrations opening the wormhole as a vocal pushes it into overdrive. “Quantum Leap” explodes into a deeply melodic musical masterpiece engulfing the sound waves with mind bending basslines and elaborate structure in sound design incorporating elements from the intro as the structure of the track continues to develop building upon comprehensive layering to captivate the crowd in the magic of the mix as we flip into a new dimension of drum and bass. A true journey into the futuristic style of electronic music Transforma’s passion for production has graduated to the next level once more.

Transforma’s ‘Quantum Leap EP’ is a complete artistic vision, a musical masterpiece to be enjoyed in its entirety, this is an exploration of time and space through drum and bass you just can’t miss to add magic to the mix! Grab your copy today!



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